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DISCLAIMER - Absolutely no refunds. All sales are final. We cannot be held responsible if you ruin your pedal. I got ripped off by a buyer of my TR-2 mod. Said he wasn't happy with the mod so I offered to buy the TR-2 from him. I gave him $110 in good faith. When I received the pedal it was non-functioning. He had drilled the hole for the pot in the wrong place piercing the ribbon going to the depth pot and completely pulled 4 traces from the PCB. And he wanted to know why the mod sounded bad. Because of this I will no longer issue refunds of any type on mods. If you do not have the skills required to perform the mod then please let us do the mod for you. Monte Allums

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Relay Bypass Module (RMB) True Bypass Mod

I have continually been asked if I had a mod to add True Bypass to the pedals I offer mods for. Well, here it is! You can now add True Bypass to your pedals. True Bypass pcb Circuit is 1" x 1" Square or 26mm x26mm.

Kit includes True Bypass pcb Module, 1" x 1" Double-Sided Tape, Solder, Desoldering Braid, Heat-Shrink Tubing, Decal and Easy to Follow High Rez PDF Instructions.

PLEASE READ! — At the moment I have Generic Instructions and several others that are listed in the Paypal Drop-Down menu to the right, but I am working on others and will make them available as I get them completed. If you need instructions for a particular pedal contact me and I may be able to help you.

Generic Instructions — I have Generic Instructions available in the Paypal Drop-Down menu for those that are more familiar with circuits and feel comfotable applying them to your pedal. In the Generic Instructions I include instructions for a Boss pedal as an example to help you with your particular pedal.

Boss are making surface mount (SMT) versions of their pedals in Malaysia. The SMT versions cannot be modded. So just make sure the version you have is the Thru-Hole version. I have created a page to help you to find out if your pedal can be modded. You can find it here.

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