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http://www.setitupbetter.com Ran by Dan Enslow. Very detailed info on Guitar Tuning nad Nut Compensation.


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Who Needs the eNut?

If your guitar plays sharp at the first fret then your guitar will benefit from the Bone or Metal eNut. All of my 10 guitars have been fitted with an eNut with the exception of one, a Taylor acoustic. It does not play sharp at the first fret. A simple test with an accurate tuner will reveal to you if your instrument needs an eNut. If your guitar plays accurate at the first fret then all you need to purchase are my offsets. I have made them available separately just for this reason. Also, I'm getting tons of positive feedback from eNut buyers that have purchased the brass version of the eNut. It seems the Brass eNut is having a very positive effect on their tone and sustain.

I've heard that some prefer the tone of a brass nut over bone so it's good to hear the Brass eNut is having a positive affect. I use the Brass version on all my Teles for this very reason and have been extremely happy with the results. I've also gotten reports from some using the Metal eNut and slotting it rather than shaving and filing it down. Doing this has allowed them to install the Metal eNut without altering the original nut. Keep those e-mails and calls coming. The eNut is already making a positive impact on players around the world. At such a low cost no one should ever have to play an out of tune instrument again!


Client Testimonials.....

I gave the eNut the business at the last Nitro Express gig & was pleased with how open chords on the first few positions stayed in tune, not to mention up the neck...& this is before investing in a programmable tuner. So far I'm happy to say it performs as advertised. E major sounds like it's S'POZE to, the G string no longer stands out like a sore thumb, my thumb no longer stands out like an out-of-tune G string & installation is easy as Georgia peach pie. Monte is helpful, responsive, & a SUPER nice cat to boot, so take it from ol' Buddy, you can't lose; it's one of the best modifications you can make for under $20!

Buddy Woodward
" Buddy Woodward & the Nitro Express"


Monte, Just did a real quickie install. Took maybe 90 seconds to slide the metal eNut into place and retune, then 20 minutes to re-intonate. I used both your suggested 2nd and 14th, but found by checking again at 5th and 17th to be even more precise. I was surprised to find your offsets different from Buzz Feiten's yet they seem to work just as well...anyway, I would like to install eNut on my other three guitars, thanks for a great improvement!

Charlie Todd
Walnut Creek, CA


I recently install Monte's copper guitar shield and silver guitar wire with amazing results! I now have a much quieter guitar with more clarity, less noise and more present harmonics. I search the web everyday trying to find new ways to improve my guitar tone and running across Monte's site was a great find. I'm a professional guitarist and I've tried just about everything out there. So take my word for it, try the copper guitar shield, and silver guitar wire...you won't be sorry.

Peace and Blessings
Dani Robyns


Hi Monte, having used your shielding in the past on 2 other Strats I can honestly say that it is excellent, I have used it in conjunction with Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups and the results are outstanding. You can quote this in your testimonials. All the best from England.

Gary Haigh

Hey Monte! I purchased a copper sheet and silver wire from Monte for my Jazzmaster.. what a difference it has made! The humbuckers I put in now sound spectacular, even with the single-coils tapped. The clarity is where it should be. The guitar sounds better than ever! I had to rewire it after my first try, since I didn't leave one end of the silver wire shielding unconnected (using it for the ground wire). Later, I made sure that the silver wire's shield was only soldered to one side, and the circuit ground was then star-grounded with insulated wire. Do this to every one of your guitars, even if it's only for the electronics/pickup cavities. Your ears will thank you!

Peter Urso
Los Angeles, CA.

Monte, shield arrived in good order, fitted today - and the difference is remarkable - no discernible noise (I have tried TV remotes, dimmer switches, PC's etc - just for fun!).

Jon Isaacs
United Kingdom


Got it, finished, works great! Made a Tokai Strat a work of art. SD Custom 5 HB in the bridge, and a pair of 57/62 Fender reissues. I wired it like a JV Strat with tone control in the bridge. Lots of nice tones! Thanks for the help, I'll be posting about my success with your product! Take care, until the next project!

Joe Janasov
Duluth, GA

This is my 2nd order from you. I shielded a jazz bass using your foil and shielding paint and it is approx. 75% quieter. I'm still trying to nail that other 25%. I will be happy to provide a testimonial. Any suggestions on the other 25% would be appreciated.

Andrew Rothstein
Woodbridge, NJ

Thanks Monty These are the best thing since Sliced Bread! Heck maybe even better than the wheel.

Peter Siekierski
Staten Island, NY

Shield received and installed and sounds incredible!!!! 10 times more shielding properties of the standard aluminum fare. I had my pickup cavities already copper shielded, and now this totally cancels out any noticeable interference. Glowing feedback has been posted. It has surely been a pleasure. Will see you around eBay. Thanks again.

Michael McWeeney
Spring Valley, NY

Received the shield I ordered just before leaving for Daytona, (I work the race there). Took the guitar with me and did all the work in my motel room at night. When I got home, I plugged in and was amazed at the sound I got. I have worked on many guitars of various makes and models and your product sure simplified things.You can expect to hear from me the next time
someone brings me a problem guitar.

Michael Morris

Hi Monte, I installed the Tele shield this weekend and I am delighted to report it totally eliminated the scratchy sounds I was picking up from the pickguard. I just ordered a Shield for my Strat based on the improvement your shield did for my Tele. Someday, when I have the time, I'll be sure to check out your Shielded Wiring. Thanks for Sharing!!

Mark Cooper
Ann Arbor, MI


I am very impressed with Monte's copper shields. I recently installed one in my main studio guitar, and I will be recording the rest of my guitar tracks for Zyllion's debut CD using it. It makes quite a difference.

John Pollard
Providence, RI


Hi Monte,

Yes, I received your shield and finally got to install it as directed on my '62 Tele this past weekend. It made a world of difference!! My noisy old axe is now very quiet. The only noise to be heard is the noise the I'm makin' with it :^) Thanks for a great product!

Jim Gosselin
Des Moines, IA

Hi Monte,

The shields came yesterday and in 15 minutes I installed the first one in my '83 Tele (Strat Shield looks like it will take a lot longer to install). The static noise problem I had is completely gone! Thanks very much!

Forrest Trenholm
Weymouth, MA

Monte, just installed your Strat shield in my favorite Strat. I was having a problem with static noise when my fingers would scrape across the pickguard. But no more! Your shield allowed me to properly ground the pickguard and the attached components, and now there's no more noise! Thanks!!!

Peter M. Jagielski

Just tried out my strat after swapping in Tex-Mex pickups, a better switch, quality pots and one of your copper-shielded pickguards. I also completely shielded the pickup cavities and jack cavity with some scraps I purchased at your site. Got some self-adhesive copper tape at a stained glass supply shop and that worked really great for shielding the cavity sides. Man, this guitar is so quiet now that I can hardly believe it! What an improvement: buzz and hum are history! Definitely worth doing, Thanks.

John Redell

I just put a Strat Shield on a new pickguard that I put on a Reissue 57 Strat. The tone stayed great and the output is Hotter. It Rocks...and looks pretty cool with the updated pickguard .

Bob Smith

I received and installed the pickguard I purchased from you last week. If you recall, I also obtained the copper shielding, which made a huge difference in reducing (almost eliminating) noise.

Verle Winningham

Hello, I got the shield yesterday in good condition. It'll be a few weeks before I put it in, but I'll let you know how it worked. I bought one of your alum. shields a few months back. Anyway, I used it with some Lindy Fralin blues specs. and I hear no hums. So, I expect the same with this one. Thanks for the quick shipment. Left positive feedback.

Clark Sudduth
Bay Minette, AL

Monte, I installed the shield last night (fairly easy). Wow, what a difference! The shield really works! Only way my Strat clone could be quieter is putting in a set of blade type pickups like Bardens. And we know how expensive those are plus not the same tone.

Thanks a bunch,
Joy Rathnam

T-Von, I used one on my Son's Tele before, and it did help. Your shield fit on just fine. I soldered a Ground wire braid to it and attached it to the Main ground of the Tele. I am now doing another Tele for one of my Son's friends. Like I said, "it definitely made a difference"!! I like the thickness of the shield. It is just right.

Philip DiEgidio
Glen Moore, PA