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Guitar Treble Bleed
Switch Mod

PDF Instructions – I have created the 3-Way Treble Bleed Mod instructions in the popular Adobe PDF format that can be easily printed from your computer. The instructions are crystal clear and clearly illustrate how to perform the mod. The PDF instructions are e-mailed to you once your order has shipped. All orders ship within 24 hours of order placement! We Ship to anywhere in the World!

This mod will give you a variety of tonal options on your guitar. I have always liked the Treble Bleed Mod but there were certain times when I missed the mellower tones that rolling back the guitar Volume would give me. So I developed this mod that will actually give you three different options. The switch allows you to switch to (1) cap/resistor, (2) middle) stock tone, (3) cap only. The Cap/Resistor will allow you to retain the highs as you dial down the volume pot.

The Middle position bypasses everything and gives you the stock guitar tones. And the other side of the switch with just a cap will retain the highs as you dial the volume pot down but will also affect the bass and mids. All three, when used in conjunction with the guitars tone pot(s), will give you a wide Variety of tonal options.

Use the Pull-Down Menu to Choose Whether you have 250K Pots or 500K Pots

The Kit for 250K Pots includes either two .0012uF or two .002uF Capacitors, 100K Metal Film Resistor, Switch and Hookup Wire

The Kit for 500K Pots includes either two .0012uF or two .002uF Capacitors, 220K Metal Film Resistor, Switch and Hookup Wire

Pot Type


Note About Capacitor Size - The capacitor value sets the frequency above which the capacitor passes signal, The higher the value, the lower the frequency affected.

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The Picfit Guitar Pick

Picfit Fits the Contour of your Thumb — Available in .71mm (Medium) and .96mm (Heavy). This Dark Blue Pearloid Guitar Pick is easy to grip and is extremely comfortable to use. Since I started using these I cannot use any other type guitar pick. It is truly a revolutionary design. Comes in conventional Teardrop Shape and toneful Pearloid Material. Comes in Dark Blue only. I absolutely guarantee you'll love this Guitar Pick!

SPEED — An extra benefit of the Picfit is it's unique ability to enhance speed for those that sweep-pick. The unique curved tip of the Picfit allows the player speedier movement across the strings by virtue of the unique shape of the tip of the Picfit, A regular shaped pick requires more friction when sweep picking. The unique curved tip of the Picfit allows the pick to sweep across the strings with less friction which enhances a players speed.

Using the Picfit, at first, will require a bit of getting used to because of the curvature of the tip. It places the pick more to the center part of your thumb, where as before the tip was directly between the index finger and thumb. But once you get used to this you'll find, as I did, the unique properties of the Picfit enhances both speed and your ability to hold the pick without it slipping.

The Picfit Guitar Pick Fits
the Contour of your Thumb!

Pick Gauge



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