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  WARNING! - Copyright® 2003-2017, LLC. No images, pics, mp3s, mod instructions or any other data on this website or sold from this website may be used for any reason without the expressed written permission of Monte Allums. I WILL PROTECT MY COPYRIGHTS WITH LITIGATION! I am currently filing a copyright infringement lawsuit on an individual located in Texas. If you think I won't prosecute, you are fooling yourself! I will do whatever it takes to protect my creative works, be they mods, pics, mp3s, etc.

WHAT'S LEGAL - When mods or eNut Tempered Tuning Offsets are purchased they are Licensed only to the person that paid for the item. Sharing Mod instructions or the eNut Tuning Offsets is strictly prohibited. Please be aware that the person asking you to share our mod instructions could possibly be me or one of my attorneys. I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO PROTECT MY CREATIVE WORKS! When you share my Mod Instructions you are stealing from me and taking food out of the mouths of me and my family. It is no different than stealing from your local grocery store.

WHAT'S NOT LEGAL - Sharing Mod Instructions is strictly prohibited. Selling my mods as your own is strictly prohibited. Selling pedals modded with my mods is prohibited unless each mods kit is purchased from me at full price per pedal sold. Using my instructions and buying your own parts and selling pedals modded with my mod instructions is prohibited! Use of any pics, mp3s, text or DATA from this site or sold from this site, without the expressed written permission of Monte Allums is strictly prohibited. All mods on this site have been registered with the United States Copyright Office. Meaning, if I bring litigation against you and the courts find you guilty you will not only be liable for any compensative damages, you will also be responsible for paying my legal fees. This applies to USA and International buyers. International Copyright laws also apply.

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