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DISCLAIMER - Absolutely no refunds. All sales are final. We cannot be held responsible if you ruin your pedal. I got ripped off by a buyer of my TR-2 mod. Said he wasn't happy with the mod so I offered to buy the TR-2 from him. I gave him $110 in good faith. When I received the pedal it was non-functioning. He had drilled the hole for the pot in the wrong place piercing the ribbon going to the depth pot and completely pulled 4 traces from the PCB. And he wanted to know why the mod sounded bad. Because of this I will no longer issue refunds of any type on mods. If you do not have the skills required to perform the mod then please let us do the mod for you. Monte Allums

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Boss GE-7, Vintage GE-7 & GEB-7 Pedal Cap Upgrade Mod Kit

Electrolytic caps in tube amps, over a period of time, start to leak, loose their tolerance and go bad. It’s just the nature of Electrolytic caps. Sometimes the leaking is actually visible. But Electrolytic caps can look okay and still be faulty. By replacing Electrolytic caps in older pedals you can actually improve the overall effect of that pedal. Honestly I was skeptical until I received an email from a client that was having issues after he modded his Boss BF-2 with one of my kits.  He said the flange effect was barely noticeable.  A couple of weeks later I received another email from the same client.  The client said he had solved the issue by replacing all the Electrolytic caps in his BF-2.  This peaked my interest so I started experimenting.

I was astonished how some of my older pedals benefited from the cap upgrade!  Noise seemed to be reduced and clarity and presence of the effect were enhanced.  I am now offering these Cap Upgrade Kits for many of the pedals I offer kits for.  In some cases some of these caps are already upgraded in the kits that I offer.  But I am offering kits that replace all the Electrolytic caps for those that have not purchased my kits.  They will benefit from upgrading the Electrolytic caps that I do not replace in my kits.  You’ll find that some of these same caps are already replaced in the kits I offer.  It’s a win win all around for those that want the maximum benefit when upgrading their pedals.  But I didn’t stop there, when possible I have upgraded these Electrolytics with Metal Film and Tantalum.  Not only do these caps have tighter tolerances but they will also last the life of the pedal.

With this Kit you will receive Solder and Desoldering Braid along with detailed easy-to-follow High Rez PDF Mod Instructions sent to you as an e-mail attachment.


Boss GE-7, Vintage GE-7 & GEB-7 Mod Kits

This is very handy tone shaping tool to have on your pedal board. This is actually a very nice sounding EQ right off the shelf. But it suffers from excessive noise as a result of the cheaper components Boss uses. With this mod we replace the cheaper noisy op-amp chips with low noise higher quality chips.

Lower quality capacitors are also replaced reducing noise even more and also adding a more focused Hi-Fi tone to the circuit. Noise is substantially reduced and the signal is passed through preserving the original tone of your guitar. The bypass circuit is also much improved. You will not find a better mod than this anywhere for the GE-7! You'll be shocked at the improvement this mod will make on this pedal.

TESTIMONIALModified my GE-7 with your "Plus" mod yesterday, and I am blown away by the results. I did before/after comparisons with a DAW and a spectrum analyzer so I could not only hear, but see the difference. Before: hiss, hum, buzz, noise on every slider. After: nearly silent operation - I had to boost the recorded waveform significantly just to hear it. All this plus tight, defined, *musical* equalization. Kudos to you once again. I am proud to have this join my Monte Allums CS-3 Opto Plus, which continues to amaze. Will recommend your mods every chance I get! Below is a screen shot of Jeff's spectrum analyzer results of before and after the GE-7 Plus Mod (Click on the pic to enlarge). Also click here for a mp3 that Jeff made of before and after he performed the mod. Here's Jeff's description of the mp3:

1. All sliders at 0 (centered), gain at 0.
2. Each slider boosted fully one at a time, from low to high; gain at 0.
3. Each slider cut fully one at a time, from low to high; gain at 0. It is surprising here how much hiss and noise are added to the signal when *cutting* frequencies on the unmodded pedal.
4. Gain slider maxxed, each slider additively boosted fully from low to high.
5. Unmodded sound is on the left and the modded sound is on the right.

Jeff Watt
Sherwood Park Alberta, Canada

There are two GE-7s and GEB-7s Boss have made. The New Version GE-7 has 3 Opamps while the Older Vintage GE-7 and GEB-7 have 4 Opamps. You must open your pedal to see which kit you need to order. Use the Pull-Down Menu to select the correct kit for your GE-7 and GEB-7. The Vintage 4-opamp GE-7 PCB will look like this. The New 3-opamp GE-7 PCB will look like this. The mod will not work with the older GEB-7. Make sure your GEB-7 pcb looks exactly like this.

About the New! GE-7 & GEB-7 Plus Mod Kits

This is exactly the same mod as my popular GE-7 & GEB-7 mod but with my new Dual Stacked Chip Adapter Mod with two Burr Brown OPA2134PA opamps with sockets. I am also supplying sockets for the RC4559P opamps so you can swap them out if you like. Also included is a Super Bright White LED. If you thought my regular GE-7 & GEB-7 mod was quiet wait until you hear the GE-7 & GEB-7 with a pair of OPA2134PA opamps in the circuit. This pedal now passes pristine clean signal from the input to the output. This is one awesome tone-shaping tool after this mod! Clarity and focus is unbelievably good. As a clean boost it doesn't get any better than this.

IMPORTANT! - The New GE-7 Plus Mod will only work with the newer GE-7 that has a PCB Board that looks like this. The mod will not work with the older GE-7 PCB that looks like this. I will not be able to adapt the mod to the older GE-7 because the adapter is not compatible with the inline opamp of that pedal. The mod will not work with the older GEB-7. Make sure your pcb looks exactly like this. WARNING — There is an older GEB-7 that looks almost just like the newer version. I just received an e-mail notifying me about this. It looks very similar to the newer version but has a 7-pin inline opamp instead of the 8-pin and so my adapter will not work with it. It also has a 4th DIP Opamp in the upper right corner of the pcb. The pcb looks like this. My new Plus version with the adapter will not work with this version.

What's in the GE-7 & GEB-7 Plus Mod Kit

With this Kit you will receive a 3mm Super Bright Clear White LED, Solder and Desoldering Braid along with detailed easy-to-follow High Rez PDF Mod Instructions sent to you as an e-mail attachment.

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What's in the Regular GE-7 & GEB-7 Mod Kits

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