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Diago 18 Volt Adaptor

This 18V Adaptor doubles the 9V DC input to 18V DC on the output. Some power supply designs offer 18V by connecting two 9V outputs together using a special cable, but for this you need a power supply with isolated outputs. This adapter simply plugs directly into your existing 9V feed and then into your pedal. That's it!

Allows You to Power 18V Pedals or even run your 9V Pedals at 18

Combine this adapter with my Dying Battery Mod listed below and you've got a powerful voltage attenuator that will give your pedals the extra added benefits of running higher and lower voltages. Some pedals such as the Dyna Comp and the Big Muff will benefit greatly from varying their voltage.

By increasing your voltage you will get increased headroom and more gain.

NOTE — if you want to use this 18V adaptor with any of my mods that use Stacked Opamps you will need to pull one of the opamps from the adapter. Running any of the Dual Stack Adaptors at more than 9V may damage the opamps.


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