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Let Us Mod Your Pedal for You - Below are the only persons I have authorized to install my mods. They purchase their components directly from me. Please contact them and they will give you pricing and other info you'll need when sending them your pedals. These are the only installers that I have given permission to officially install my mods. I guarantee the mods they install are the exact same mods that you will find listed here. These have been hand picked by me and I personally vouch for their integrity and expertise. These installers offer new modified and used modified pedals from time to time. Please contact them directly for pricing and any questions you may have. Monte Allums

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Merv Jones will be on vacation starting Nov. 19th and will not return until the 29th.



Ray Pullen

Brazil Junior Rossetti or

USA Neil Schulman

Australia Matt Roberts

SHIPPINGThere are now two shipping options for U.S. and International Buyers. First Class for U.S. abd Canada will remain $3.50 and International orders will be a flat rate of $4.50.

Priority Mail for U.S. will be $6.95, Priority Mail for Canada will be $21.00 and Priority Mail International for International Orders will be $25.00.

The shipping charges on OD-308 kits are figured into the price of the kits. OD-308 Kits for U.S. Buyers are shipped Priority Mail. OD-308 Kits for International Buyers are shipped regular International Post. Priority Mail International for OD-308 kits is not available at this time.

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Pedal Mod Kits - Instructions Only - I'm making my Mod Kit Easy-to-Follow Mod Instructions available separately for those that want to supply their own parts. IMPORTANT - These Instructions are supplied in an e-mail attachment in High Rez PDF Format that will be sent after payment has been sent. Sorry, No MGB on Mod Instruction sales. All sales final.

Note: The "Plus" Mods are not available for sale as instructions. All "Plus" Mods are available as full kits with parts only. Pedal Mod Instructions are $14.99 for each pedal. I had to create 2 drop-down menus because Paypal doesn't allow more than 10 drop-down choices per button. — Monte Allums

Note: All Kits with parts include the instructions which are sent as an e-mail attachment after purchase. So if you buy one of the kits that come with parts you do not have to purchase the instructions separately. — Monte Allums

WARNING - All of our kits include electronic instructions that are sent as an e-mail attachment after your purchase. Some of you are not receiving them because your ISP or Mail Client is blocking the (.zip attachment) file as a Virus or as Spam. Please understand that we have no control over this. If you order a Mod Kit and or Instructions and don't receive the Electronic Instructions you will need to supply us with another e-mail address so we can resend the instructions to you. We will need proof of the purchase so I suggest you either include the PayPal ID number or let us know the e-mail address you used when you purchased the kit. - Monte Allums

Mod Type
Mod Type
Mod Type

| Link to Guide | Soldering & Desoldering Guide

Warren Young at Tangentsoft has produced a series of very good tutorial videos addressing through-hole and SMT soldering techniques. You can view them here (requires Ver. 8 Flash (or later) plugin for your browser). Monte Allums
| Link to Guide | Soldering & Desoldering Guide

I'd like to mention an excellent article written by Alan Winstanley. Alan has gathered a ton of very well written info on Soldering at this link. I'd like to thank Alan for allowing us to use this link for the benefit of our DIY Pedal Modders. Monte Allums

Chip Descriptions

JRC4558D – Made by Japan Radio Corporation (JRC). Used in the original TS808s and TS9s. Ibanez later changed the chip used in their pedals. The JRC4558D is actually a very inexpensive chip that’s not considered Hi-Fi and was chosen because of its inexpensive cost and not for the tone it produced. It just happened to sound great when used with the Tube Screamers original circuitry. This chip has a little bit smoother gain than the RC4558P which is considered a more Hi-Fi chip. I like the JRC4558D in the SD-1, it's smoother gain in the top end helps to offset the extra hair in the SD-1's gain. I prefer the RC4558P in a Tube Screamer, depending on the mod, because the Tube Screamer circuit produces a smoother gain and the RC4558P has a little more high end grit than a JRC4558D.

JRC4558DDMade by Japan Radio Corporation (JRC). This is a Higher Gain & Smoother in the Highs version of the JRC4558D (notice one has one "D" and the other two "DD"s). The JRC4558DD has a smoother gain structure with a slight rounding off in the highs. This "DD" chip sounds surprisingly good in an SD-1. This is the stock chip you'll find in most SD-1s and TS7s. This is a good match for my SD-808. Try it and I think you'll agree. My SD-808 has clearer top end and more hair. The JRC4558DD tames the SD-808 a bit in the highs. Depending on your amp you might like this chip better. I am now stocking these and you can order them directly from me.

RC4558P – Made by Texas Instruments. Also used in the original TS808s and TS9s. Ibanez later changed the chip used in their pedals. The RC4558P is also a very inexpensive chip but considered to be a bit more Hi-Fi than the JRC4558D. It just happened to sound great when used in a Tube Screamer circuit. These are still very popular today and are a great sounding chip. Very similar tone-wise to the JRC4558D, has a little more high end grit.

RC4559P – Made by Texas Instruments. This is a more Hi-Fi lower noise chip than it's brother the RC4558P. The EQ and gain structure is a bit different than the RC4558P. I like this chip because of it's lower noise when used in a GE-7. I also like this chip in a SD-1 and Tube Screamer circuits. This chip changes the EQ of the gain and helps tame the mids in a Tube Screamer.

LF353 - Made by Texas Instruments. Very similar tone-wise to the JRC4558D and RC4558P. Maybe a little less gain but an excellent sounding chip. Subtle differences. This chip sounds excellent in a Tube Screamer, Daddy-O or SD-1. This is a very popular chip with pedal modders.

NE5532 - Made by Texas Instruments. Very similar tone-wise to the JRC4558D and RC4558P. This is a more Hi-Fi, lower noise chip than both the JRC4558D and the RC4558P. I really like the tone and gain of this chip. In some ways I like it better than a JRC4558D or RC4558P. Rich, smooth gain with nice overtones. This is a very popular chip with pedal modders.

TL072 - Made by Texas Instruments. Very similar tone-wise to the JRC4558D and RC4558P. This chip has a very interesting tone. A little more complex than any of the other chips I sell. Very defined harmonics, especially at higher volume. This chip is very Hi-Fi with low noise and a great sounding gain structure.

OPA2134PA – Originally Made by Burr Brown (Now Made by Texas Instruments). This is the most expensive opamp chip I sell. This is a very popular chip with audiophiles. It’s low noise and excellent sound properties make it a popular choice with pedal modders. I especially like this chip in a Boss SD-1 and DS-1. It has a little more edge than a JRC4558D or RC4558P and is a tad cleaner with a flatter EQ which makes it a great chip to tame the mids of a Tube Screamer or SD-1. Very rich and defined gain with excellent harmonics and note detail. You can’t go wrong with this chip. Highly recommended.

LM1458 or MC1458 – These are essentially the same chip and to me sound identical. I will supply which ever one is available at the time you place the order. Some of these chips are getting increasingly harder to find. The 1458 is a Dual Opamp Version of the famed LM741. This is the chip that was originally used in the Famous DOD Gray 250. I use either a LM1458 or MC1458 in my DOD 250/YJM308 Mod. These chips sound great in the reissue DOD 250/YJM308 pedals.

LM308N – Made by National Semiconductor. If you want that Vintage RAT tone that made the RAT one of the most popular distortion pedals of all time then you'll need to replace the stock raspy sounding OPO7DP. The LM308N will give the circuit a very warm and smooth fat gain struture.

Your Favorite Opamps

WARNING!The OPA2134PA opamp, of which are included in many of my kits, is currently extremely hard to find. Mouser and Digikey are currently out of stock with none expected until 2023. I have hundreds in stock. BE CAREFUL BUYING THE OPA2134PA ON EBAY. THE MAJORITY ARE FAKE! Manufacturers in China are rebranding cheaper opamps and selling them as OPA2134PA opamps. I test all my OPA2134PA opamps I buy. You can easily test whether a OPA2134PA has been rebranded. Do this, take some Acetone on a Q-tip and rub across the lettering of the opamp. If it is Fake the ink used to print the labeling will dissolve into the Q-tip.

All Chips are shipped with an 8-Pin Chip Socket. We now offer these Favorite Opamp Chips, Burr Brown OPA2134PA, LM308N, CA3080E, RC4558P, RC4559P, JRC4558D, JRC4558DD, LF353, NE5532, TL072 LM1458 or MC1458. These Chips will give you a wide variety of tones. NOTICE - Please don't ask us to substitute Opamp Chips in our Mod Kits. Our Mod Kits come with only the chips offered in the kits. We're making these available to those who prefer one chip over another and like to experiment.



Burr Brown OPA2134PA
LM308N (RAT-2)
CA3080E (Dyna/Ross)


8 Pin Chip Sockets


2SC1849 Transistors

I've gotten a lot of requests for these from those that purchase my DIY Pedal Mod kits so I am now offering them as an option to those that want them. These transistors are perfect for use in Ross Clones and Dyna Reissues. They are extremely quiet. These 2SC1849 Transistors have an HFE consistently around 300.

2SC1849 Transistors


2N3440 Transistor


5mm & 3mm Super Bright Water Clear LEDs

I've gotten a lot of requests for these from those that purchase my DIY Pedal Mod kits so I am now offering them as an option to those that want them. These LEDs are Water Clear and not colored Plastic LEDs like you get at Radio Shack. They are Super Bright and offer a great visual affect. I like to have a different color LED for every pedal so I can tell at-a-glance which effect pedal is being used.

LED Color/Size


3mm Diffused Red Clipping LEDs

I've gotten a lot of requests for these from those that purchase my DIY Pedal Mod kits so I am now offering them as an option to those that want them. These 3mm Red Diffused LEDs are what I am starting to use as clipping LEDs in my kits. They have the same FV as the 3mm Clear Red 3mm LEDs I have used in the past.


3mm BiColor Blue/Red or Green/Red LEDs
Common Anode/Positive

These are the same LEDs I use on my BF-2 and TR-2 Mods. Based on availability I will ship either a Blue/Red or Green/Red Bi-Color LED. What I ship will depend on what I can find available at any particular time. For instance on my TR-2 mods when the pedal is in bypass the LED will blink Red showing the Rate the Tremolo is set to by the Rate Knob. Then once the effect is engaged the LED will show Blue or Green. This allows the LED to perform two tasks.

SPDT 3-Lug Sub-Mini Toggle Switches

I now use these Sub-Miniature Switches in some of my kits where space is limited. These are smaller than the ones below. Here are the specs: 3/16" (5mm) mount, body is 5/16" x 3/16" (8mm x 5mm).


SPDT 3-Lug Mini Toggle Switches


DPDT 6-Lug On-On-On
Mini Toggle Switches


Metal Film Stacked
25V Capacitors


MKT Boxed Metal Film Capacitors .047uF 63V


1uF Tantalum Capacitors 35V


10uF Tantalum Capacitors 35V or 16V Based on Availability


Electrolytic Capacitors 25V

I have a limited supply of these 25V Caps. Once these are gone I will not be restocking. I bought them and just never used them.


Electrolytic Capacitors 16V


1N34A Germanium Diodes


1N914 Clipping Diodes


4002 Clipping Diodes


1/4 Watt Resistors



Boss Direct Replacement Potentiometer Knob

• Diameter (bottom): 20mm
• Diameter (top): 16mm
• Height: 12mm
• Shaft diameter: 6,0mm
• Shaft type: round shaft
• Push-on with screw set

Boss-Style DC Power Jack Mod Kit

This kit will convert your DC Power Jack to the Boss-Style type DC Power Jack. Kit includes DC Power Jack and Easy-to-follow PDF Instructions.


24 Gauge Pedal Switch Wire - Enough for One Switch


Pedal Mod Decals

All kits priced at $19.99 and above ship with one of these decals.

Included With All Kits Priced at $19.99 and Up

DISCLAIMER - My Mods are intended to be used by individuals that are 18 years of age or older unless accompanied by a supervising parent or guardian. Soldering Guns can cause serious injury if not used properly. Always take the proper precautions when soldering. Always unplug power from the pedal when performing these modifications. We cannot be held responsible if you hurt yourself, hurt someone else or destroy property. When purchasing our mods you agree to comply with this disclaimer statement and fully realize any risks that may be involved with performing any of our modifications.

Please also know that we cannot be held responsible if you ruin your pedal. These mods have proven to work for hundreds of our satisfied clients. If you follow the instructions we send you to the letter and check the pedal after each component change you will not ruin your pedal.

Boss®, Ibanez®, Dan Electro®, Fender®, Strat®, Stratocaster®, Tele®, Telecaster®, Dunlop® and Peterson® are registered trademarks of their respective companies. All rights reserved., LLC has no affiliation with any of these companies.

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