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Please Read — Click on pic above to enlarge for better view. I like the Blues Stack so much that I decided to mod a few used BD-2s and put them for sale here. The Blues Stack is the best BD-2 mod I sell. It's warm, organic and super FAT. The nasty decay is gone and this is one of the most transparent OD pedals available at any price. I personally modded these and I have signed and dated the pedals on the inside of the back cover. Pedals come with my sticker for authenication. These pedals are all in perfect working order and come with a 90 day Warranty. I will not customize them so please don't ask. They will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Sorry, no returns. Prices are firm so please don't offer me less than the listed prices below or I will ignore your e-mail.

ASOLD USA add $6.00 for USA shipping and outside USA add $12.00 for shipping.

BSOLD USA add $6.00 for USA shipping and outside USA add $12.00 for shipping.

CSOLD USA add $6.00 for USA shipping and outside USA add $12.00 for shipping.

DSOLD USA add $6.00 for USA shipping and outside USA add $12.00 for shipping.

ESOLDUSA add $6.00 for USA shipping and outside USA add $12.00 for shipping.

FSOLDUSA add $6.00 for USA shipping and outside USA add $12.00 for shipping.

GSOLD USA add $6.00 for USA shipping and outside USA add $12.00 for shipping.

Simply go ahead and make your purchase below and I will buy a used BD-2 and perform the mod on it. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

USA Buyers
Pedal Wanted

$140.00 Plus $6.00 Shipping

International Buyers
Pedal Wanted

$140.00 Plus $12.00 Shipping

Blues Stack Testimonials

Bro, I have completed the BD2 stack mod and this is like WOW!! You have designed the absolute bomb mod in the BD2. I love it top to bottom. I have finally found what I been lookin for. Terry Carter, Northridge, CA.

Monte, I've purchased and installed your mods in my Boss Compressor/Sustainer, Metal Zone, Blues Driver H2O mod plus, and Tube Screamer. And I recently purchased another Blues Driver and installed your Stack Plus Mod Kit. I cable it into my modded Blues Jr. amp. I play a stock '74 Strat, a modded Mex Strat, stock SG and modded Epi Dot. The Blues Stack generates more power than your previous BD-2 mods, and now the pedal speaks with authority. This pedal is very responsive to pick attack providing at once not only great single note clarity, but singing harmonics and bluesy grit on double stops. There is no degradation of tone as I slide and bend notes - just awesome. Without reservation, I give it my highest recommendation! Thanks so much for sharing your love of modding. Douglas Stewart, Los Angeles, CA.

Finished the Blues Stack yesterday. All I can say is WOW. Like night and day. When I turned it on a light appeared from above and the angels all said......AHHH! I love it. Thanks for all the hard work Monte. You make me sound better and better with every Mod. Pretty soon I won't have to play at all. I'll just show up with my pedalboard full of Monte Modded pedals, plug it in and walk away. Nothing else need be said. Rob Chipley, Orlando, FL.

Hi Monte, I received the instructions of the Blues Stack Plus mod into my other email account and working through the instructions was a piece of cake. I soon found myself playing with it and only used 1 setting for 3 hour play. I just couldn’t stop and change them. The bright blue led also was very magical. I gotta say I love it and I might just buy and mod another one just for the pleasure of it!

Thanks for your great mod and very fast service, might just order some other mods too. Thanks again. Janne Piiparinen, France

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — Hi there, I bought this mod from you last week and it arrived today. I have a lot of experience with circuit boards and repairing PCBs, so I found it no problem, except that I did remove the small PCB with the 2 pots on for C100. It made it a lot easier to replace the cap without the soldering iron getting too close to the other wires. Apart from that, the instructions were first class and made the job very easy. I recorded the BD2 at different settings before and after the mod, and I must say that I am extremely pleased with the result. Especially the removal of unwanted distortion and fuzziness. I can wholeheartedly recommend this mod, and I have no hesitation in giving it full marks. Thank you very much. Regards Stephen woodbridge-Smith Tavistock, Devon, UK

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack —I installed my BD-2 Blues Stack and SD-1 GT mods the other day, they are both epic!!! But man, the SD-1 mod deserves serious praise, it's phenomenal. It makes me want to throw all my other dirt pedals away, it's just great. Vann Betzel

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack —Thank you again for your extra help!  I swapped out "L" to the .1uf cap as suggested and am absolutely floored!  It opened up the tone in my rig (which tends to need a little extra "help" with presence at times anyway - not your mod's fault at all...) and this pedal sounds AWESOME!  I couldn't be happier with it. In fact, I'm so happy with both the CS3 opto plus mod and the TS9DX Dual drive mod that I've actually got plans to sell off a pedal that has been on my board for YEARS over my lunch break so that I can give your newest BD-2 mod (the blues stack?) a try.  I did have one question regarding the tone - and I think I may know the answer already based on the video clip of the mod...   After the blues stack BD-2 mod is completed - what is the "minimum" gain available?  I used to use my older BD-2 set up with the gain waaaaaay down so that it sounded essentially the same as my clean tone unless I really really "dug in" on a multiple note chord or something...  I sold the thing because of the splatty gain characteristics...  With the TS9DX mod, the "minimum gain" is still a bit "more" gain then what I'm hoping to accomplish with the new BD-2 stack mod...  In you video, you state that the pedal can be used as a clean boost.  That would seem to suggest that I could essentially get to "zero" gain with the pedal on...  If that is the case, I'll be able to get to the low gain range I'm thinking about no problem as I'd simply add the "hair" as needed...  Like I said earlier, the stock BD-2 had the lower gain range I was looking for but not the tone I wanted...  The clips on your website prove that the new mod has the "tone" I want in SPADES...  I just want to quadruple check that the gain range (ultra low) that I use periodically is still in the pedal. Alternatively, I am considering the OD-308 although based on the web clips, it sounds more "rough" than the BD2 mod.  Anyway, it sounds like the BD-2 stacked mod will get what I'm looking for, just wanted to quadruple check on the gain range... Thanks again for your advice!  Your products are spectacular and I couldn't be happier with the TS9DX and CS3 with the mods. Absolutely wonderful. God bless! Chad Johnson

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — Hi Monte, Thanks for the encouragement. I just discovered that the Danelectro  "Zero Hum" 9.6V 200ma adapters I use on my work bench will not work with a BD-2, even though they power every other Boss pedal I have just fine. When I put the pedal on any other power supply (even a 100ma Furman pedalboard supply), it works fine. I'm happy to have it back. Your chip adapter mod is remarkable in the BD-2. I could tell the tonal difference and increase in transparency within two seconds of plugging it in! Cheers, Josh Bradshaw

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — Monte, finished the Blues stack mod on the BD 2 and it sounds amazing, I had no idea these pedals hid tone like that in them. I've got one last question tho, I managed to fry the led in the kit so I just put the original back in, does the led in the kit make a tonal difference or is it just for brightness? If its tonal I need to get another led, otherwise, I'll just live with the original. Steve Loftis

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — Hi Monte, Just installed your Blues Stack mod for the BD-2. Very nice sounding, bluesy and a little dirtier than my BB Preamp. Gives me some variation to the BB Preamp which is somewhat more compressed IMO. The BD-2 is more transparent than the BB now and has a different base sound. Both are very useable. I use the BB Preamp for warmer sounds on the bridge (HB), more like Brett Garsed and alike. Together with the CS-3 Ultra mod I can get some nice sounds with my Tele and my custom HSS equipped Variax. I do get some noise from the modded BD-2 and the CS-3 when cranking up the gain and sustain which is normal I guess? I have two adapters now (including a new T-Rex fuel tank junior with isolated outputs) which both give 9v or a little above. Btw, I'm interested in some more of your mods. I'm thinking about buying a used DS-1. I saw on your website that you need a certain PCB for your Roxx mod. Do you know when this PCB type was introduced? Or what the minimal serial number should be? If I buy a second hand DS-1 it's handy to know what to ask for. Harry Maes

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — Hey Monte just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I am really diggin the blues stack mod. I did add 1 extra mod to C101 but other than that this is no doubt the best bd2 mod i have played and i have played a lot of them, this pedal is great, i dont even know when its on its so clear and the "splatty" decay really is gone, thats why i always hated the bd2. I run it after my gain pedal with the bd2 set to low gain and it does not compress or get fizzy, and by itself it give a perfect edgy tone with out coloring the signal great work monte this thing is a keeper thanks for such great products. Chris Condon

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — Anyone who says this mod is just another gimmick does not have good ears. I received my H20 Blues Stack Plus mod kit from Monte. I played my stock BOSS BD-2 for 10 minutes and then got started doing the H20 Blues Stack Plus mod. All parts fell off the board nicely using the solder wick. A good and steady hand and eyes are required for a nice clean job. All I can say is WOW! / This pedal is alive and wants to dance on the floor with you as you play. The mids are much better and adjustment is much more noticeable along with a better range. The gain can go from on the edge of breakup to an all out house growling roar that is smooth and not grainy, buzzy or fuzzy The pinch harmonics are awesome and the notes do not decay or buzz out. They sustain for a much longer run out than the stock pedal. The two OP amps definitely make this pedal as quiet as your going to ever get and it is just pure bliss to play I have to have the pedal that Monte is using along with the BD-2 in his MP4 video. I forgot what it is called but it adds a great enveloping effect and delay. Thanks for one of the best sounding pedals I have ever owned. Dave Murphy, triodeamplification.com

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — So smooooooooth.  I compared the original BD-2 to a couple of byoc pedals I built and in comparison it sounded harsh.  With your mod it is so much smoother, it now sounds how it should have in the first place. Paul Neil

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — I just finished up my CS-3 Opto Mod and my BD-2 Stack Plus and I've been thrilled with the results. I'm now about to start the GE-7 Plus Mod. I have the parts all laid out and I'm missing one 1uF capacitor. The gear checklist says there should be three but I'm only finding two in my kit. I check the envelope as well but there's no sign of it. I just wanted to write and see what we could do about it. Also, I wanted to do the CS-3 Opto Plus Mod to my current Opto modded CS-3. I think the only thing I'm missing is the chip adapter but I wasn't certain about how many of each item I needed (the picture on the site shows two socket extenders and I wasn't sure how that worked). Is it possible for me to order the necessary components to upgrade that mod, Paypal you their cost and shipping and have the 1uF capacitor from the GE-7 mod sent along with it? Thanks for the help, sir. I've been digging these old pedals of mine again. They've been sitting neglected for so long and you've brought them back to life. Josh Thomas

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am once again with your products!  As you may remember, I tried the Blues Stack mod to my BD-2 a while back and was so impressed that I recorded a review for you and sent it to you.  I'd been meaning to try the Opto-Plus mod for my CS-3 ever since then, but only recently got up the gumption to start the mod process.  By the time I was ready to order it, the Ultra-Plus mod was available, so I thought I'd try that one.  I finished the mod a few days ago, and of course, my CS-3 sounds better than ever! At the time that I ordered my Ultra-Plus mod, I also decided to order a 12x12 sheet of your 40 gauge copper shielding for my Godin LG.  It's loaded with Seymour Duncan P-90s and sounded like a bee's nest any time I used it with the gain channel on my amp.  I just finished shielding it last night and, honestly, I wasn't expecting a whole lot (based on everything I'd read about shielding before).  As soon as I was finished, I plugged it in and cranked the gain up... Wow!!!  What a difference!!!  This guitar is now every bit as quiet as my EMG-loaded Strat! Thanks so very much for making the amazing products you make! Your loyal customer... Brandon Humphreys

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — Man! I think you are better than keeley's=) I really love the mod I bought from you I have the killer tone mate! So full sounding =) Andrew Solis

Boss BD-2 Blues Stack — To Whom it may concern, Holy Crap, what an incredible mod. Just got it back from Merv. Instant Stratisfaction, and my Les Paul is starting to like it as well. Thought about a Keeley, thought about an Analogman, I am so glad I went with a Monte! This thing is now the king of my pedalboard. Compliments on your circuitry, compliments to Merv (polite, prompt, top-notch). YEAH! John Leonard, New Haven, CT

THESE ARE SOLD AS IS! These were part of the production process and have scratches and imperfections

Please Read — Click on pic above to enlarge for better view. These are chrome-plated brass except for the one in the bottom right of the pic above. It is solid brass with a brushed finish. I only have one so it will be sold first come and first serve. It is not listed below so if you want it shoot me an email and I'll send a invoice.

You'll need to download the PDFs here to see if they will fit your guitar.

Les Paul Pickguard

Strat Pickguard

Stratocaster Pickguards

Les Paul
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