Moreland 2-Channel Diamondback Point-to-Point Hand Made Tube Amp

This is an amp that was custom built for me by Rick Moreland of Moreland Amps. I basically told Rick the tone I was looking for and he built it. Rick and his beautiful wife Mary delivered the amp today. All I can say is UNBELIEVABLY GREAT TUBE TONE! This is the amp of my dreams. Dual channel. Tweed channel with two 12AX7s and the other channel is 12 clicker settings of EF86 Fat Saturated Tone that will both bite and wrap you in heavenly saturation. Powered by two EL34s and a 5AR4 rectifier. Into two 10 inch Eminence speakers. One Lil Buddy and one Ragin Cagin. This is BY FAR the BEST amp I have ever played or owned. Rick Moreland nailed the tone I was looking for and then some. Thank you Rick for making this old Georgia boy happy!

If you'd like Rick to build you an amp you can contact Rick Moreland through his Facebook Page here. Here are a couple of Youtube Videos I made of the amp. Tone baby!

The video below was recoreded by me right after receiving the amp. Here was my signal path. Fender Strat into the Diamondback. Mic'd with a Sanken CU-41 condenser into a Mac Pro using Cubase 6. Delay was added at the computer. What you are hearing is exactly what you would hear if you were in the room with me when I recorded it. The amp is amazing! Monte Allums

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