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I have created this page to help those that are having issues with your mods. Please try and understand that Chad, Gary and I are only three people. As our business has grown, so have the tech support issues we face. Many of you are e-mailing me and asking when new mods will be complete. That depends totally on the amount of time I have free to do experimentation and research. I cannot experiment and continue to develop mods everyone are asking for if I have to spend all my free time answering questions that are covered in the instructions we send. Please read the instructions we send thoroughly. The info on this page should cover all the issues you may encounter. I do realize there are times when an e-mail or phone call is necessary, but please read the instructions and the info on this page before e-mailing or calling us. Thanx, Monte, Chad & Gary

IMPORTANT: You must check the pedal after each component you change. You do not have to reassemble the pedal, just plug the power and the input and output jacks in. Plug up a guitar and amp and make sure the pedal is functioning properly. Do not call or e-mail me if you perform all the component changes without checking after each component change, I will not be able to help you. If you check the pedal after each component change and there is a problem, you'll know exactly which component is causing the problem. If you perform component changes without checking the pedal after each component change, and you discover a problem, there is no way you or I can tell which component is causing the problem. SO, PLEASE CHECK THE PEDAL AFTER EACH COMPONENT CHANGE to make sure it is functioning properly!

DOUBLE-CHECK UPON COMPLETION OF A MODDED PEDAL: I've gotten several e-mails lately where buyers have complained about not being happy with a mod. After a few e-mails back and forth we discovered that some components had been installed in the wrong places. Modding pedals is just like any other task one might do. A good mechanic always double-checks their work. Modding pedals should be no different. Once you've completed the entire mod it's vitally important that you get my instructions out and check off each component making sure that the right components are installed in the correct places and that the components with positive and negative sides are installed correctly.

.1uF AND .01uF CAPACITORS: Some kits includes both .1uF and .01uF Capacitors that look exactly the same. The .1uF has the number 104 written on it and the .01uF Capacitor has 103 written on it. Make sure the correct Capacitor is installed in the correct place. These Capacitors are very different in values and if installed in the wrong places will make the tone of the mod give the wrong results.

SAVE THE COMPONENTS YOU REPLACE OR REMOVE: Use the plastic bag your kit came in to save the parts you remove from the pedal you are modding. If you are modding more than one pedal use a separate bag for each pedal. Write the name of the pedal on the bag. The parts will come in handy if you discover a problem at a later time and need to reinstall one of the components you removed.

USE A 25 OR 30 WATT SOLDERING IRON: Using a higher wattage iron can damage the PCB and the components. And be very carefull when moving the circuit board because it can fray the wires that are attched to it.

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: I get a ton of e-mail. I spend more than one hour each day answering e-mail and almost 95% of the questions are covered in the instructions I include with your purchase. You should have received instructions in the form of an e-mail attachment sent to you after your purchase. I also send paper instructions along with the kit parts sent VIA mail. If you did not receive the e-mail attachment instructions it's because your ISP is filtering it as spam or a virus. You'll need to give us an alternative e-mail address along with proof of purchase. Either the PayPal Transaction ID or the e-mail address used to make the payment will suffice. DO NOT CALL ME OR E-MAIL ME IF YOU HAVEN'T THOROUGHLY READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! All your questions are covered in them. They include everything you need to do each mod.

BOSS GE-7 WITH VINTAGE ACA ADAPTERS: There are two types of Boss GE-7 pedals on the market. The newer Boss GE-7s have only three 8-pin opamp chips. The older vintage Boss GE-7s have four 8-pin opamp chips. These older GE-7s use a different adapter (ACA) than the newer (PSA) pedals. If you are unsure which pedal you have, look on the front of the GE-7 and you will see a sticker. If the sticker says "USE BOSS ACA ADAPTER ONLY" then you have the older pedal (you can also tell by looking at the bottom of the pedal on the label). It's very important that you use only a Boss ACA Adapter or a new 9-Volt battery when testing the pedal. Using a regular Boss PSA Adapter the pedal will not get the correct voltage to the circuit and will cause audio problems that aren't really there.

COMPONENT WON'T FIT HOLES: I love 1N4002 Rectifier Diodes as clippers in the gain circuit. But, unfortunately they're sometimes, depending on the PCB, too big to fit in the existing holes on the PCB. You'll need to use something to ream out the holes so they will fit. Radio Shack sells a Kronus Precision File Set that is perfect for enlarging the holes. It's $5.00 and works very well. It's Radio Shack sku 64-2964. Here's a link to the item you can buy right off Radio Shacks website (click here). I highly recommend it. Very high quality and will last.. It's perfect for this. But any fine tipped file will work. Be careful though. Filing too much can damage the PCB traces.

REMOVE ALL OLD SOLDER: It's vitally important that all the old solder is removed BEFORE REMOVING THE COMPONENT TO BE MODDED. DO NOT FORCE THE OLD COMPONENT OUT! If the component doesn't come out easily then you haven't removed all the solder. Use the desoldering braid to remove the rest of the old solder BEFORE removing the old component. Forcing the component out without completely removing the solder will pull the trace off the PCB. This can possibly ruin your pedal! So, remove all the old solder before trying to remove the component to be modded.

COLD SOLDER JOINT: If you are having a problem, 90% of the time it's a bad solder connection. Keep the tip of your iron clean. Use a small damp sponge to clean the tip after each component soldered. Use only enough solder to form a connection. If the solder clumps up, soak it up with the desoldering braid and start over. If the pedal stops working, go back and touch the solder joints by remelting the solder. This will sometimes fix a bad solder connection and the pedal will start working. If the board will not take the solder (it beads up) you have probably pulled the trace off the PCB. This is a very bad thing. But, there's a way to get past this problem by jumpering a small piece of wire (one of the components legs you've trimmed off will work great for this) from the component to the next solder connection on the PCB. Simply follow the traces on the board to find the next component in signal path and solder the two connections together.

ITEMS WITH POSITIVE & NEGATIVE SIDES: Some of the components I supply have a positive and negative side. Make sure you install them correctly. The electronic instructions I send as an e-mail attachment will tell you exactly how these components are to be installed. Failure to follow these instructions can possibly fry the component. This is especially true with opamps and diodes. So, make sure you read the instructions thoroughly before installing them. The instructions (on diode replacement) mention a triangle that points in the positive direction on the PCB. You will NOT see this triangle until the old diode is removed.

REPLACING LEDS: Some of my mods include a replacement LED. They have a positive and negative side. If you look closely at the LED you will see what I like to call a Flag. When removing the old LED make a note of the Flag's orientation and install the replacement LED in the same direction as the old LED. If you install an LED and it doesn't work, simply turn the LED around and it will start working. All of the LEDs I sell are of the clear variety and it is impossible to tell what color it is. A good way to tell its color is to do this. Take a used 9-volt battery and drain it's voltage until it reads 2 to 3 volts on a multi-meter (I usually just place the battery in a pedal and leave it on until it drains the voltage down to 2 or 3 volts). Once the voltage is this low you can then use it to test the LED to see what color it is. DO NOT TEST THE LED WITH A NEW 9-VOLT BATTERY, IT WILL FRY THE LED RENDERING IT USELESS! I test all LEDs before I ship to see if they are faulty, so I'll know if you blew it or not. So please don't e-mail me asking for a Free replacement if you fry it.

LOOSE WIRING: All pedals have wiring that is connected from the input, output, pots, switch and other components to the PCB. From the factory, some of these connections are not soldered well. Before starting your mods please check to see if they are securely attached. Some may need a little solder to firm up their connection. A little time spent up front can save you a ton of time trouble-shooting. Take the time to make sure those connections are firm and secure. Handle the PCB with care. Take your time. Most mistakes happen when we get in a hurry.

NEWER DYNA COMPS: The newer MXR Dyna Comps use a new style of component PCB. The components are soldered on the front and back sides. This makes removing the old components tricky and difficult. The key with these pedals is to take your time and remove ALL the old solder thoroughly. Use the desoldering braid to completely remove the solder on the front and back sides. Again, let me stress, take your time and remove all the solder. On these newer Dyna Comps the jacks, pots and switch are attached directly to the PCB. You'll need to remove the nuts from the jacks, pots and switch before you can remove the PCB.

ADDING TRUE BYPASS TO YOUR PEDAL: Chad Matthews can add True Bypass to your Ibanez and certain wah pedals. You can contact Chad by clicking here. We, however, cannot add True Bypass to your Boss pedals. There's just not enough room inside Boss pedals to add the needed switch circuit. If you must have True Bypass let me suggest one of the Bypass Loopers like you'll find at this link.

DISCLAIMER - My Mods are intended to be used by individuals that are 18 years of age or older unless accompanied by a supervising parent or guardian. Soldering Guns can cause serious injury if not used properly. Always take the proper precautions when soldering. Always unplug power from the pedal when performing these modifications. We cannot be held responsible if you hurt yourself, hurt someone else or destroy property. When purchasing our mods you agree to comply with this disclaimer statement and fully realize any risks that may be involved with performing any of our modifications.

Please also know that we cannot be held responsible if you ruin your pedal. These mods have proven to work for hundreds of our satisfied clients. If you follow the instructions we send you to the letter and check the pedal after each component change you will not ruin your pedal.

Boss®, Ibanez®, Dan Electro®, Fender®, Strat®, Stratocaster®, Tele®, Telecaster®, Dunlop® and Peterson® are registered trademarks of their respective companies. All rights reserved., LLC has no affiliation with any of these companies.


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Client Testimonials.....

Hi Monte, a quick email to say thank you for your TS9 mod. It is great! The instructions were great and even a complete amateur like myself had no problem with any part of the modification.

Brett Harding
Toronto, ON

Hi Monte, just letting you know I bought a TS-9 mod from you on eBay a month or so ago, and last night my buddy did the work for me and it (the pedal) sounds unreal...Great sounding pedal now....There is a huge difference as you know after this mod was complete. I will be trying the MXR compressor mod next...Thanks again.

Monty J. Derhak
Medford, OR

Monte, just had to write you to tell you how great the mod has been on my TS-5! I also have a Keeley modded BD-2 and Ibanez TS-9 and the TS-5 has become my primary pedal for that rich overdrive sound. Makes a great addition to my Mesa Boogie amp. I was just about ready to get rid of the TS-5 before the mod but it is a keeper for sure - a world of difference. Just about the best $20 I've ever spent! Thanks for your great product and great service!

Duane A Armstrong
Patterson, CA

Hi Monte, your SD-808 conversion kit arrived yesterday. I chose the symmetrical clipping option i.e. two diodes plus jumper - but forewent the 2X gain option. The difference between the stock SD-1 and the converted version is chalk and cheese. I am truly impressed with the results. Obviously it's going to take time to discover all the options now available, but initial tests with a Strat and my Hiwatt revealed a wonderfully smooth overdrive. Neck pickup was nicely woody, the middle had its bell-like quality enhanced and the joint neck/middle combination clucked like a good 'un! Bridge pickup was razor-sharp but without harshness. I guess you can't ask for more. Combining my T-Von modified CS-3 with the SD-808 was way beyond expectations and they were pretty high to begin with, it must be said. Both of these kits are an incredible value but their changes to stock stompboxes makes your selling prices ridiculous. I am most grateful I found you and your products. I hope you don't mind but I downloaded your signature logo from your website and used it to make up a logo to fit on my SD-808. Photograph attached. If anyone wants to know what my overdrive is they can ask or read for themselves. I'll be posting a review on Harmony Central by the way.

Richard Underwood Bourne
Lincolnshire England

Mr. Allums, This modification is absolutely WONDERFUL! I was contemplating wasting my money on a Fulltone '69 or '70. Instead I decided I'd spend $20 on your mod kit and see how it worked on my SD-1 DISTORTION pedal. It worked out wonderfully and now it's the OVERDRIVE I've been wanting (or pretty darn close to it). I really appreciate the great deal! You guys have a good thing going on there.

Orion Trotter
St. Louis, MO

Hi, just wanted you to know I received the other cap yesterday and I put the Dyna Comp mod kit in and just tried out. Wow!, now I know why those country pickers use them. I plugged my Tele into the modded Dyna Comp straight into my Twin and wow what a tone! I will send feedback. Thanx!

Jeff Comeau

Hey Monte, thanks for the quick shipping and quality packaging. I finished the TS-9 mod last night. Your instructions are easy to follow and the pedal sounds great. Please look into doing the Sparkle Drive Mod as I will be one of the first to buy. I will be modding my CS-3 tonight and can't wait to hear the finished product.

Paul Kwant
Big Rapids, MI

Your Boss CS-3 mod worked great. The pedal sounds so much better with it. It's much quieter now and doesn't color the sound of the guitar at all. It's just my sound, a whole lot thicker...and thanks for making is so easy to install.

Arthur Payson
Beverly Hills, CA

Hello, just thought I would let you know that I got the GE-7 mod finished. Now, I was pretty skeptical about this sort of thing, and for the price you sell them at I thought, "why not", boy am I glad I did, the mods are stunning, the description of removing a blanket from my amp is spot on, the bass is now tight, and not boomy as before, trebles are smooth and not harsh, my amp now seems more responsive. I am absolutely delighted, and I intend to let as many people as I can, know about you. I am now going to go for the BD2 H2O mod. Many, many thanks.

Jon Roberts
United Kingdom

Monte, WOW! I've always liked what my GE 7 had the potential to do, but was discouraged by it's fatal flaw of the hiss it made when the sliders were advanced very far. For a clean player doing jazz, this just made it totally unacceptable. When I popped in the new ICs I was so relieved to hear sweet, clear equalization without the slightest hint of hiss! The transparency of the pedal and the extensive palette it will now give me is going to be a permanent part of my toolbox for sure. Can't wait to do the BD-H2Os mod, and will probably order the DS1 mod as well. You've found a way to make these rugged, well made pedals live up to their potential!

Alan Miller
Renton, WA

Hey Monte, I did your modifications and my pedal works great!!! I've just done the first two mods so far and did the corrections and this pedal sounds awesome. I ran my Les Paul thru a DS-1 with your mod and thru the GE-7 with your mod (just two so far, the rest later this week) and thru a BBE Sonic Stomp pedal and my guitar is on fire!! It sounds great. I did your OD-3 last week and it is great too! Just to let you know all went well!

John Bucher

T-Von, I bought the GE-7 mod kit from you a month or so ago, simply put AMAZING!!! I've been using it for a nice smooth overdrive on the clean channel on my Marshall and I've had other guitar players come up to me and ask me if I'm using a TS-9 or 808, they can't believe I'm using an EQ pedal. It's amazing that you're only charging twenty bucks for these kits, I tip my hat to you. Thanks, Dan Newell (Seahawks Season ticket holder).

Dan Newell
Seattle, WA

Hi, Just wanted you to know I got the Dyna Comp mod kit and installed it this Friday and was floored with the results! I'm not that big of a compressor fan, but after the mod, it sounds amazing! Quiet, full bodied, juicy and oh so warm! It took that horrible sterile stock sound and made it sound soulful! I actually think it makes my whole rig sound better (and I do use A LOT of pedals) thanks a lot! I've left positive feedback on eBay.

Itay Libhaber

Hi Monte, I just wanted to commend you on your Dyna Comp mod kit. I am a boutique amp and pedal builder, and I have a pretty exclusive client list. I've done tons of Ross mods on the Dyna Comp pedals, and the jam band guys really seem to like them a lot, however most of my country players have been finding the Ross style compressor a bit dark sounding. I've noticed that the stock reissue Dyna Comp sounds almost unusable due to the lack of lows and mids. The .1uF cap on the output cures that problem instantly. The use of the germanium diodes is a terrific idea, and it really fattens up the sound. With your kit the tonal balance is completely restored, and the top end response is perfect. A great improvement over the Ross darkness. I highly recommend this kit to anyone with a stock Dyna Comp. And for the player Who's looking to add a compressor to his/her pedal board I recommend buying a new Dyna Comp and installing your kit. Your kit would be a bargain at twice the price. Now I have a quick and easy cure for my Dyna Csomp customers. Thanks so much, and God Bless.

Clint Lawrence Logan Electronics
Omaha, NE

Monte, I love your CS-3 mod: Very clear and full, and all that murky honky mid-range colouring and over-compression is gone, it just sings out clean and pure. Makes my acoustic bouzouki, fitted with under-saddle piezos, sound magic! Great on electric too for fat clean leads. I'd frankly given up on my CS-3 before I added your mod, relegating it to a cupboard drawer, so thanks very much indeed for giving me a useable unit... I shall definitely have to invest in some more of your mods, and will advise my mates also check out your site. Wonderful stuff! Best wishes, keep up the good work! Regards.

Mike Willoughby

Hi there, put in the mod. It was easy and it sounds great! Thanks.

Scott Francisco
Buena Park, CA

Hi Monte, the parts for the BD2 H2O arrived this morning and after an hour the mod was successfully carried out. I have to tell you that in comparison with a stock BD-2 the difference is very big. This pedal can stay on a permanent base between my guitar and my Laney tube amp! It has a lot more dynamics, even when the gain is down.

Paul Acket

Monte, I finished the mod. All I can say is wheeewww!!...incredible sound. Thanks again, very pleased. Next I think I will do the MXR Dyna Comp mod. Talk to you soon.

Phil Grabmiller
Mission Viejo, CA

My pedal arrived today! I plugged in my Strat and.... WOA!!! TERRIFIC INCREDIBLE SOUND!!!! Thanx Monte and Thanx Chad! I'll do my best to make your mods known all around!

Bruno Ballardini

Just finished the SD-1 mod. OH MY GOD!!! This thing is such a smoking pedal now!!! The tone is unbelievable. I totally totally love it. I played my Tele through it with DiMarzio pups and it just howled. I absolutely can't wait to see what my distortion will sound like. I'll let you know when it gets here. Thanks!

Anthony Grayson
Vail, AZ

Hi Monte, I just wanted to say that my CS-3 mod arrived last Thursday. I am amazed at the difference! We had two gigs this weekend and the CS-3 was used far more than previously. No more tone-sucking and combining it with my overdrives really made a massive difference to my sound. I can't rate the mod highly enough - brilliant! Your instructions and PCB illustration were very clear and easy to follow. I was most surprised that I didn't un-solder at least one wrong pin though! I thought that being a big ham-fisted might mean the modifications were not easy to do. Wrong! A bit of patience and a good pair of long-reach tweezers and MINIMAL use of solder did the business. Next on the agenda will be your SD-1 to TS808 specs conversion. Absolutely delighted with everything in your kit, from instructions to components through to the final, vast improvement of the compressor. Cracking stuff. Many thanks and looking forward to doing more business in the future.

Richard Underwood Bourne
Lincolnshire England

I have to tell you that I tried another internet mod on a different TS7 that I had and I botched the job In part due to inexperience, but also to lack of clarity despite ample documentation. Your TS7 mod kit was refreshingly clear and easy to follow. There was NO guesswork. More importantly, I can't believe the sounds that I'm getting from a used $25 pedal. It actually sounds better than my Keeley modded 808 reissue and Fulltone Fulldrive, and is head and shoulders above my Analogman TS9. Thank you. I'm searching for more pedals to modify. Fire up the soldering iron.

Michael Nicolae
Malverne, NY

I just wanted to drop you a line and say how impressed I am with the TS-808 and Beyond Mod kit. I honestly felt my TS9 was beyond hope with its thin/farty sound, but your kit transformed it into a world class pedal. I have been playing it through my brownface Fender Vibrolux and the sound is fantastic! I previously owned a TS9 which had the Analogman TS808 mod. I feel my TS9 with your Beyond TS808 Mod blows it away. Many thanks.

Thomas Jones
Gering, NE

Monte, just a note to say how impressive your mods are. The BD-2 and CS-3 mods are especially stunning. I have a Way Huge Orange Squeeze compressor that is suppose to be the bomb and the modded CS-3 performs head and shoulders above it! The instructions and photos made the installations a breeze. Thanks for investing the time and energy into developing these mods.

Robin Riggs
Oak Park,CA

Today one of my good customers brought me a bag of parts and his Boss CS-3. This bag turned out to be your mod, and after I was done installing it I was impressed on how much better it was than the stock CS-3... To be honest I hated the CS-3 in its stock form. Its so harsh, digital and dead sounding I can't imagine even using it. Heck, after the mod, you can barely tell if its even on! After your mod is installed its much warmer and smoother. The bass loss was fixed and the harshness to the tone and attack knobs were also smoothed out. Good show!

Joel Reed

Monte, I completed the TS9 mod (1 at a time then checking as suggested ... I took my time and enjoyed the experience!) and all went very well indeed. I am quite amazed at the difference. This well loved old TS9 is back in as my main overdrive now. My eyes and my ears are open again. Thank you so much. An excellent mod for sure! It sounds incredible!!!

Scott Pendlebury
Sydney Australia

I just completed your TS9 mod and I cannot be happier with it. I have a shy tube amp and the stock TS9 just wasn't cutting it. This took it where I wanted to go and beyond. Even after just installing the "Brown Mod" I was extremely happy. If the pedal sounded this good stock, I would have paid double the price of the original pedal. Absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to start on the BD2 now! Thanks a bushel!!

Daniel Atwood
Waynesville, NC

Your CS-3 mod, OUTSTANDING!!!! I can't find a bad tone in that thing. Level & tone about 1 o'clock, attack at 2 o'clock, & sustain at 9 o'clock. It is the first pedal in my rig with my Marshalls and it keeps my tone smooth and consistent. It truly excels at the country twang as well!!!! A tone story for you. I recently sit in on a few country gigs. I ran me Tele into your CS-3 into a Boss LS-2 with 40% your TSs-9 and 60% your BD-2 (the secret!!!!) into a Line 6 MM4 & DL4 -->NS-2 to a 65 Deluxe Reverb Re-issue. I was getting some sick country tones!!!! If you don't have an LS-2, get one!!! You can get some killer tones mixing your pedals, the BD-2 at about 80 and the SD-1 at 20 can get some killer rock tones. I'm planning on investing in an MT-2, OD-3, and DS-1 so I can mod them and do some more experimentation!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!

Joshua Brewer
Brownsburg, IN

Monte, I just completed your SD-1 mod and all I can say is that it is nothing short of amazing from what it used to be. I just cant believe the difference in the overall clarity and how much "warmer" it sounds. This now combined with my CS-3 (with your mod of course) has become an integral part of my tone. Keep up the great work!

Tony DeRosa
New Jersey

Just a quick email to tell you how happy I am with the MT2 Mod. Here is my experience. This is my first mod and it was successful. The stock Mt2 is a bit out of control. There is too much top end hash like distortion, as a result, the e.q. capabilities are limited. Your mod dramatically changes
this pedal. There is: Much more control over the distortion. A Significant drop in noise. Round full tonal definition. Violin like sustain. Rich harmonic overtones. Better string definition. Superior pick articulation. Greater control over the parametric sweep. The stock MT2 is not known for its ability to cut through the mix. Your mod turns this pedal into a double edge sword! The only thing left to do is to spend some time with this pedal. Thanks for your work.

Kevin Hill
Florence KY

Monte, Hey just want you to know that I love the SD-1 mod! Also I am a fellow believer in a Christian Rock band. Thanks!

Rob Hepler

Monte, first off I want to say THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with all of us through these effects mods. I did the SD-808 mod and absolutely
love end result.

Stephanie Faulkner
San Antonio, TX

Hi Monte, just wanted to let you know I got your mod and it is sweet! Very easy to install and it sweetened the sound of MXR nicely.

Jeff, Art Gallery of China

Monte, I did your GE-7 mod and the results were impressive. I haven't used the stock pedal for quite a while because I really wasn't that impressed by it. The only problem I have now is that I have to rearrange my pedal board to find a permanent spot for it. It's just that good - Hi-Fi clarity and
completely transparent. It's a great tone shaping tool after your mods.

David Blackburn

Monte, received the DS-1 kit today, wow, incredible, I actually own a Plexi. With this mod, it makes my Fender practice amp sound like the Plexi. The real cool thing is the practice amp is solid state but with this mod I can really hear the pick nuances and articulation which I love, definitely gives it a tubey vibe. Man I have to get my wah out to you to get your mod with Fulltone. Very satisfied.

James Dietz
Denver, CO

I modded my CS3 using your kit last weekend. Everything went like a dream, thanks to your clear instructions. The difference is HUGE!

Robert Cornelisse

Hi! Thank you for the BD-2 Mod Kit! I nearly didn't use my BD-2, it had been left in the corner for some years already... but it's going to be my main
pedal since I installed your mod! I always had in mind that I gotta have a pedal like your modded BD-2, especially when cranking up my Fender isn't possible! I think it should have a diode that shines "T-Von" or "Monte" when it's on :) I'll certainly do more business and try out some other Mods!

Vilho Meier

Just letting you know the mods went in flawlessly - your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The Compressor sounds wonderful. More clarity and dynamics without any squashing or pumping. Exactly what I've been looking for. The BD-2 also sounds/feels great. I look forward to getting both in a band situation to see how it all comes together. I'm happy I came across your site - I'll certainly be recommending your mods to my peers.

Sean Borton

Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the results from your TS-7 mod. Both humbuckers and single coils sound much better through it now. The sound seems to have a better edge to it now and pinch harmonics are easier to achieve at lower distortion levels. I can also get good sounds out of the hot switch now. It wasn't usable at all before. It was more difficult to take the pedal apart than it was to perform the mods. I use the pedal through a Heathkit EA-2 Hi-Fi that was converted to a Princeton circuit and it never sounded better. Thanks.

Brian Ruther

Monte, Bravo! I like the modded OD-3 even more than the modded SD-1. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.

Tom Kissick

Hello Monte, I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. LOVE the GE-7 MOD!

Brian Hunergardt

Monte, Thank you for easily one of the best mods I have seen. In less than an hour I now have the smoothest, hottest distortion coming out of this DS-1 pedal! As I did each mod and plugged in back in it just kept getting better dude. Thanks again.....
Shawn Putman
Warrior, AL

Chad, after playing the SD-1 for a couple days I’ve come to realize it’s better than the Keeley mods. I had a friend over tonight to play for awhile and he commented on the quality of the sound when the pedal is engaged. Great overdrive, but with very distinct notes too. Great bass response and no tubbiness. How much do you charge to mod a SD-1 to the Mod+?? If you get another SD-1 to sell let me know. Thanks!

Tim Leinen

Dude, this is amazing! It's dynamic, it's tight, it's Stevie Ray. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I got to set it down beside my unmodded TS9...your TS9 to TS-808 mod is everything the TS9 isn't...Thank you so much. You've made my life! lol:)

Robert Smith

Hi Monte, I want you to know you have changed the way I set up my gear. When I was disappointed with my sound, and always searching for something beyond the poor Boss or Ibanez standards, you gave me the chance to own professional equipment at an incredible low cost. No more searching for Electro Harmonix, Analogman or Keeley, you found the Holy grail of sound for everyone's pocketbook! Listen man, you won't believe it, after I tried the TS-9 Mod, I started buying Boss pedals just to have them moddded with your kits!! I installed the TS-9 and SD-1 kits, bought Strat Copper Pickguard shield, shielded the cavities also with adhesive foil you sell, changed the internal wires with the silver wire. I can tell I'm now a believer... I bought a GE-7 today and a CS3. I was looking at the keeley compressor, but when I read a review of a customer preferring it over the keeley I suddenly decided to buy this second pedal and make a comparison judging with my ears. Obviously I ordered the GE7 and CS3 kits... I installed the standard SD-1 mod, and it really opened the sound, but I heard about the SD-808 Mod as the best SD1 Mod available on the planet! Thanx!

Pierpaolo Cianca

Monte, I put in your mod kit in my DS-1 and am very pleased with the results. I played last night and the tone was very warm and glassy. I play a Strat style guitar SC-SC-HB through a Tech 21 Trademark 60 and even though it is a solid state amp, I was able to get great distorted sound using the DS-1 alone and in combination with the amp's distorted channel. Thanks for all your help and the mods.

Kenneth Polvino

Monte, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your eNut. I've used other products of this type and haven't been satisfied. in fact, I bought the eNut BECAUSE I was unsatisfied with the other product! It
installed in 1/2 hour with ease and my guitar (short scale ES335) plays great all up and down the neck....Thanks again!

Robert Pavich

Hi Monte! I have installed the DS1 mod, CS3 mod and the MT2 mod. The DS1 mod is what everyone makes the Keeley mod out to be. I prefer this to the Keeley mod. When I got my DS1 Ultra Mod from Keeley I didnt like it from the start. I like the DS1 with your mods better, it has TONE! The CS3 is a better compressor than the Dyna Comp because with the Dyna Comp your signal breaks up and it colors your tone. I also have a Keeley Compressor and your CS3 Mod are very similar in sound but the Boss CS3 has more control, attack and sustain. I like the Boss better and I saved over $150!!! Your MT2 Mod made an unusable pedal into a monster. I truly love it now!!! I will do the SD1 mod this week and I plan to buy a BD2 so I can mod it. I have had a Keeley BD2 so I can compare the two. Thanks a million!!!!!!!

Chad Matthews
Cookeville, TN

Wow! I finally got around to the SD-1 today and what a difference! It just sounds incredible! Thank you!

Rob Evans
Pepperell, MA

Yo Monte!! Praise Jesus!!!! Maui Mike says Mahalo and Aloha for a Superior SD-808 Mod. It was Heaven sent, Took ma a while, but I completed it. The voicing, tone and breakup is like playing Pool! Right in the Pocket. I have a few other drive pedals but this one with your Mod takes the stock pedal to deeper Territory. Yes, it's that good. If you don't have the bucks to buy a Bou-Tique pedal and have a little soldering experience, then you should consider this SD-808 Mod Kit. Aloha Mahalo!

Mike Rollins
Maui, Hawaii

I have installed your mod kits on my TS7 and BD2. The TS7 mod improved the pedal markedly. The BD2 mod is dynamite. Wow. I am very impressed. I did not install the tantalum capacitor, and I busted the germanium diode by handling it incorrectly, but I'm really very pleased with the results. Nice work. I'd pretty much given up on both those pedals before the mods. Now, the TS7 will get another chance and the BD2 is permanently in the line-up. Thanks!

Marty Boner

Thanks, the mod rocks - what a difference. I was about to toss the BD-2 as unusable. It's a keeper now.

John Arrison
Oro Valley, AZ

Hey man, I just wanted to thank you for developing these killer mods!! I just installed all the parts & my MT-2 has gone from harsh and blah, to warm and tubey. And it still has tons of gain I like for over-the-top shred. I was surprised at how simple the process was. And I look forward to taking this thing with me on the next gig!! Thanx.

Jason Gearhart
Santa Clara, CA

Hi Monte, I am using it in conjunction with a your SD-1 Mod and really enjoy the clear but fat tone this pedal (GE7) pushes out of the amp. (Fender HRD and GE7 set as a camel's hump). With the SD-1, I have fluctuated between the extra gain mod and stock and have settled on the 2.2k resistor - it is really meaty and fat, but the part that really impresses me is the gritty focused sound from the bass strings. Doing your mods has really inspired me and I am now in the process of totally remodeling my crybaby on a Vox schematic and am building a germanium booster and a fuzz tone. Anyway, thanks heaps for your time and expertise. I am recommending your mods to all my students and colleagues. All the best.

Cameron Kinsey

Hi Monte, mod done, BIG difference. During work found 2 abysmal joints, real doughnuts with wires connected almost by accident (one was black ground wire !!), geeze get behind the hype and boss stuff is pretty suspect. Thanks again for you prompt responses, service has been outstanding.

Jim Harris

Hi, I received and installed the Boss OD3 mod and I think it's great. Thank you very much. Very cool.

Bill Whypp
West Trenton, NJ

Monte, I did the rest of the mods! I think the tube screamer emulator is really good. Still has the transparent BD-2 sound but with more crunch!! I had a Keeley Phat mod BD-2 and I actually like this better!!! This was my first time to try modding at all, but the directions were easy to understand and it was a lot of fun!!!! Thanks again!!!

Jarrett Bailey
Campti, LA

Hi Monte! I just did my Boss MT-2 mod and all I can say is WOW!!! I really love it and I really enjoyed putting it in. Thanks again. I want to do a SD-1 now. Thanks very much for everything!!!

Chad Matthews
Cookeville, TN

I completed the SD-1 mods. The 2X Gain mod sounds terrific! What a remarkable change. This is now the best pedal I have. I couldn’t be more happy with the mods. My Strat sounds awesome with it. God Bless.

Blair Mirrlees
Owen Sound, Ontario

Hey, just thought I'd drop a line and say that the DS-1 mod is really something else. My band's other guitarist had his RAT stolen and didn't have the cash to get another one, so he picked up a DS-1 (apparently one of his favorite guitar players used one religiously throughout the eighties). It sounded passable out of the box, but just barely. Now the modded pedal has turned his Silverface Twin into an early Plexi! Those germanium diodes are my favorite part, so squishy and lifelike. I've since been trying to mod everything I can get my hands on and having a ton of fun with it, so thank you. Thanks again for a great mod and sending me down the wonderful road of DIY effects obsession. Take care.

Rian Lewis
Lake Oswego, OR

Hello, I have recently purchased and installed the SD-1 MOD and am absolutely blown away. I knew immediately that this had done something great to this pedal. I let my friends in another band try it for a couple of days and they couldn't believe it. They said it blew away their Maxon overdrives and had much more gain. That says a lot considering how much more they paid for their Maxons. Thanks much! Highly Recommended Mod!

Scott Neis
Fond Du LacC, WI

Dear T-Von, man, Thanks, this thing (DS-1 mod) is RIPPING!! Took me about a half hour to install and I just finished up using it at this weekends gigs and could not be more pleased! Again thanks.

Dan Connor
Clayton, DE

A couple of weeks ago, on an impulse and since I like messing with my gear, I bought one of your BD-2 DIY kits. I finally got around to putting it in today. I have to say I am absolutely amazed at the improvement it makes in the pedal. I had gotten bored with it and it was collecting dust in my closet. Makes me wonder why Boss didn't do some of the same mods. And the instructions are nothing short of superb. I also have bought and used your copper shielding materials to shield my Strat (a la GuitarNuts) with great success. The precut copper pickguard sheets are very reasonable and make the job a lot easier. The results were so striking that my quitar instructor has asked me to do the same for his old Strat - maybe I'll swap him for a free lesson or two. Anyway, thanks for the great products.

Buddy Marshall
Houston, TX

Hello my good man, this is the most I ever got out of any pedal of this type, thanks to your Mod. I will never play without it, ever, as it is now part of my main sound. Gretsch 6119 >> into Modded BD-2 >> into my RE-301 echo unit >> into my 70's Fender Twin Reverb. Ouch!!! The Sound is completely insane....Very transparent. Good work on your research, when I get me a second BD-2, I will get another kit from you. This is sound from heaven :o) Thanks again. Johnny from Quebec.

Johnny Perreault
Maria, Quebec

One word for the sound of the CS-3 after the mod......AWESOME!!!! Everything that was good about the CS-3 has been amplified 10X and all the things I didn't like are gone!!! No more exaggerated pumping on the notes, just smooth sustain with a ton less noise, even with the knobs above 50%. I'll be looking for a DS-1 kit to upgrade my DS-1 that is collecting dust. You sir are the real deal and have earned a customer for life!!!!

Joshua Brewer
Brownsburg, IN

Hi Monte, I received the TS7 mod kit I purchased from you yesterday and installed it. I must tell you that I have listened to numerous mods on the Internet and yours is by far the best sounding one I have ever heard! Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. I took the modified pedal into the music store (Howren Music) where I purchased it today on my lunch hour to demo it for my friend Frank Adams who works there. Frank played through it and he was amazed! He has made his living playing guitar for over 20 years and has played or owned about every kind of overdrive out there so I really respect his opinion when it comes to tone. He is currently using a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 for his overdrive but I have a feeling that may change if he uses your mod on one of his pedals! They say word of mouth is the best form of advertisement and you can be sure I'll be blabbing all over the Charlotte, NC area about your products. Keep the great products coming and I'll keep buying!

Richard Newton
North Carolina

Monte, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you the SD-1 upgrade kit is awesome. When I first heard it on you site, I purchased an SD-1 on eBay. I used to own one years ago, but gave it away. Now it is my favorite distortion pedal! You have a great web site. Take care.

Jim Bell
El Segundo, CA

Hi, I've just completed the mods on my Blues Driver, and wanted to drop you a line to thank you. I'm quite impressed, so much so that I'mgoing to be re-tracking some guitar parts on my next upcoming CD, just because of how
much I like the "crunch type" tone now, as opposed to before. Thanks again.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I received the kit today. It took @ 45 minutes to install. (Great instructions, btw). I'm sure you already know, but I just have to say it anyway. Your kit is simply awesome. My box actually has clarity and tone now. I have an old MIJ squire "test mule" with a decent V neck, Fralin Blues special pups and the Clapton pre amp installed. I turned the (pre amp) boost to zero, ran through the TS7 into a Music Man 110 RD. (Not my best amp). Just a simple little scale run had me convinced. It really is a screamer now.

Ray Vinson
Newport, NC

Hey Monte, MAN O MAN what a sound... I love it, I have to next to my Modded Boss Blues Driver from Keeley and I think I like the sound of the SD-1 better. More control and not as edgy, I like the Kelley a lot but this may be a new fav. I just wanted to tell ya , I took the SD-1 into my friends music store and he was blown away. We cranked one of the humbuckers guitars he had there and ran the amp loud and WOW, it was awesome. He was stoked, he said "Oh no not another pedal to buy", he has about 20 pedals and all high end stuff. He couldn't believe the raw tone and power. Thanks again!

Dick Reed
Somers, MT

Monte, thanks for all your help. Tonight I was able to get to my main amp at our studio and work it out... wow! Oh, yes, your BD-2 Mod is just great. All I expected and more. I'll recommend your mods to everyone. I had a great time getting the growl that my modeling amp couldn't produce. I'm gonna do the eNut mod this week... I'll keep you posted... the guitar farm the band has may need this fertilizer.

Edward Edwards
Catonsville, MD

Hi Monte, I finished the mods for my Boss SD 1 and I'm really impressed! I should've done that before! Thanks a lot for sharing your experience! I'll blow my friends' minds with this "new" pedal and show them your ad on eBay. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Adriano Reis
North Brunswick, NJ

Your mod kit for the Boss Blues pedal is great, it really made this pedal sound awesome, thanks!

Mark Wood
Bryant, AR

Hi Monte, I just did the mods on my Boss BD-2 and I must say the pedal is now awesome... what a sound!!! Thanks a lot this... the kind of sound I've been looking for for quite a while now.

Steve Lewis
United Kingdom

Hey Monte, did the TS-7 mod today and gotta say there is a definite improvement in note/chord definition and clarity. The overall sound is richer, less buzzy I would say. I think I'm going to find a Boss BD-2 and get your mod for that too.

Steve Whitesell
Niceville, FL

Monte, Thanks again for the BD-2 and SD-1 mod kits. I really enjoyed getting in there and tweaking the pedals. But perhaps the greatest thing is that I turned two average, run-of-the mill stompboxes into a couple of boutique killers. In fact, I just sold a couple of boutique boxes since these two modded pedals sound just as good at a fraction of the price. Thanks!

Thomas Kissick
Beaver, PA

Highly recommended Boss BD-2 mod. Awesome sound. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!

Bryan Santos

Just installed all the mods on my TS9 - it SOUNDS GREAT, and it's now USABLE! I have been playing through a DOD distortion pedal for a year or more because my band mates thought the TS9 was too harsh - but boy do I have a surprise for them - thick, smooth, tasty distortion like the foam on a Guinness draught! Thanks Monte!

Greg DeMars
Dallas, TX

Hi Monte, just wanted to again tell you that your mod kits are everything you say they are and then some. It made my cheap TS5 sound better than most of the expensive original TS9 and TS808s. I will spread the word! kudos my friend.

Alan Staniford
Burlington, WA

T-Von, just want to say thanks; I've had my TS5 for several years, hated it, didn't want to pawn it off on anyone else. I did the mods and now I love it. No matter which guitar I use, I don't want to put it down. Keep up the good work.

Edwin Goswick

Monte, I just finished the mods to my TS7, WOW. I love it! I will definitely do more business.

Kenneth Pine
Georgetown, TX

Hello T-Von - I received my 2 bone eNuts and nut file set today (quick!) and installed one on my home-built kit Tele in a flash. I immediately noticed a HUGE improvement in tone, and the guitar sounds so much more ALIVE and responsive - those 1st and 2nd inversions are in tune finally! Thanks for going through all the trouble to make these available to DIY'ers like myself. Skeet Myers, way down in McComb, Mississippi.

Skeet Msyers

Hi Monte, I just got the eNut in the mail today and installed it. It's a great idea that really works, thanks for making this available at a much more reasonable price than you-know-who, all of them... It's such a simple idea I don't know why it hasn't been done before. It really makes a wonderful difference! My new Korean Lite Ash Telecaster is a great guitar, and I thought I had it set up pretty well - fairly true at most positions, very sweet sounding. So I said what the hey, I'll try this even though I'm pretty happy with what I've got. But it works so dramatically, it's like a whole new guitar, playing truer and better than any guitar I've ever had! And that's just tuning with an old Korg GA20 that doesn't really do cents, and even just tuning by ear it still results in an amazing, wonderfully satisfying change with the strings really in tune for the first time! Your simpler system seems to me so much better than spending big bucks for the other systems, I'd bet the eNut gives 95% or more of the benefit of the more "sophisticated" and expensive systems out there that require much more work and changing the guitar parts permanently. I hope you sell a lot of them! It was really easy to install, I had to lower the strings at the nut only a tiny amount. I left the eNut plain, without any string grooves and it works just fine. Thanks again Monte!

Tim Chandler
Memphis TN

Hi Monte, I would like to thank you for such a simple, yet effective, guitar improvement. I've installed it on my '81 B. C. Rich Mockingbird (24.75" scale) and just the eNut alone made one hell of a difference! I recently purchased a Boss TU-2 Tuner, and I don't plan to switch to a Peterson just yet. (I recently sold my Conn Stroboscope, just not portable enough!) Right now I've installed the eNut, intonated at the 2nd and 14th. A million thanks for all your efforts my friend, kudos.

Carl Lasnier
Montreal, Canada

Monte, I finally installed the eNut and it has given my Strat good-sounding first position chords for the first time! I was already using a good strobe tuner. First, I added your offsets - much better. Then, I installed the eNut. Fantastic! This is on an instrument which had been set up by a professional luthier, someone I trust to work on my best instruments. Installation was simple, as you said it would be. Just a bit of patience. The little set of slotting files REALLY helped a lot. Those are a fantastic bargain and work as well as expensive slotting files. I'm really wondering when Fender will get its act together and sell instruments which are properly shielded and intonated. Probably never. Regardless, I now have a quiet and properly intonated Strat that is everything I need. Thanks again!

Karl Hoehn
Seattle, WA

Monte, this is a little late in coming, but I wanted to thank you for your innovation in a product like this and your genuine kindness in our brief discussions. Your eNut resolved the sharp tuning of a favorite Tele of mine perfectly. It now not only sounds better, but stays in tune and is a pleasure to play. Thanks for all of your help, your ideas and kind words. Truly a great product.

Grant Mader
Pleasant Hill, CA

Monte, Your eNut (silver) saved me $230 on a Luthier repair and perfected the guitar's tuning! Thanks! Now I'm back for more! This time a bone eNut for another guitar.

Niche Publishing Co.
Colorado Springs, CO

Monte, just got the metal eNut installed, re-intonated and tuned. The intonation and tuning took longer than the "installation". :-) What a difference! I don't have perfect pitch by any means, but even I can hear how much more pleasant the chords sound. Wow. Great product! I'm hooked. Next is the bone eNut install and I've still got 5 more guitars that will need it. :-) If you ever do alternate tunings, I would be very interested in any offsets. I use open-G, dropped-D and double-dropped-D are used quite a bit, but whatever you come up with, I'd love to see.

Chris Ecks

Hi T-Von, I've got my Peterson Strobostomp programmed with your offsets - my PRS sounds great with them, as does my Earvana nutted strat. Thanks!

Hayden Minett

Hey Monte, this thing is bloody great!! SO much better tuned AND sounding than the Earvana!!! And the tuning is VERY sweet mate! You wuz right, it is better than the Peterson "sweetened" tuning. And for only $16!!! Oh, that tool you sold me is KILLIN'! Thanx heaps mate!

Michael Lawrence

Hi Monte, well, I picked up my guitar Tuesday night. I had given the tech at my local store your instructions to follow and the results are that visually it looks like something I might have done, certainly not as clean as in your illustration. However, he didn't charge me much and most importantly what a difference. With the addition of your Tuning Offsets the guitar is in tune everywhere! I think I have pretty sensitive ears and the guitar has never sounded this good. It is indeed a pleasure to play. You sir, are a genius! Many Thanks,

Frank Balash
Bellmore, NY

Monte, so I tried your solution and at first I thought, "well, it'll be better than not having anything." I had tried various other methods of nut compensation (which companies I will not disclose) never being satisfied with the outcome. Now for the, "I strung it up and "wow!" Nope. I strung it up and "eh... better than without", but still not completely satisfied... UNTIL I grabbed my Peterson VSII tuner and for the first time used the off-set function using Monte's off-set suggestions. Now, I can say, "WOW!" I would spend so much time tuning and making sure that my fretted notes weren't sharp, compensating by making it a little flat open. This takes the guess work out of tuning and it also takes the second guessing out of my tuning as well. It literally cut my tuning time in half, if not more! Let me add, I have NEVER in my life wanted to rely on a tuner for tuning. BUT, if I've learned one thing about tuning it's this - you can tune all the open strings perfectly, but when fretted they'll be slightly out of tune. So I'd go back to retune to the chords making slight adjustments so my D, E, G, and A open chords were okay. I had to bring myself to the conclusion that for me, a tuner is not a device that replaces my ear, but one that meets the standard of my ear. Thanks again Monte for the eNut and ESPECIALLY for the off-sets!

Eddie Choi
Chicago, Illinois

Hey Monte, got the Bone eNut on Saturday and installed it. I am very pleased. With the Floyd Locking Nut it is very easy to cut the string slots by using the V-shaped nut as a guide. In fact, for the low E and A I just folded the sandpaper and used its edge to cut the slots. I left them a little bit higher and the guitar plays great, but I may cut them to match the original nut after I play it a bit more. I tuned the guitar to pitch and did the intonation, then tuned to your offsets. Right now the guitar plays very nicely in tune. I strongly recommend this product to everyone I know in real life as well as in cyberspace. I am partners in a recording studio and am exposed to many guitarists. I will surely recommend the eNut to them. With my own music (both band and solo) we independently release our own CD's and I will put your information on the insert. If you haven't already, you should see about getting this product reviewed by the various guitar magazines. It makes way more sense than the Buzz mod, especially for those who don't want to carve up their prized axe. I wish you much success... you deserve it.

Nick Sassano
Kings Park, NY

I gave the eNut the business at the last Nitro Express gig & was pleased with how open chords on the first few positions stayed in tune, not to mention up the neck...& this is before investing in a programmable tuner. So far I'm happy to say it performs as advertised. E major sounds like it's S'POZE to, the G string no longer stands out like a sore thumb, my thumb no longer stands out like an out-of-tune G string & installation is easy as Georgia peach pie. Monte is helpful, responsive, & a SUPER nice cat to boot, so take it from ol' Buddy, you can't lose; it's one of the best modifications you can make for under $20!

Buddy Woodward
" Buddy Woodward & the Nitro Express"

Monte, Just did a real quickie install. Took maybe 90 seconds to slide the metal eNut into place and retune, then 20 minutes to re-intonate. I used both your suggested 2nd and 14th, but found by checking again at 5th and 17th to be even more precise. I was surprised to find your offsets different from Buzz Feiten's yet they seem to work just as well...anyway, I would like to install eNut on my other three guitars, thanks for a great improvement!

Charlie Todd
Walnut Creek, CA

Hi Monte!! I feel so nice right now, I really have to write this... I have shielded some Strats and a Tele for friends of mine since I'm quite good at fixing things and have a rather good knowledge of electronics. Up to now, I only used the "foil and glue method" for the pickguard and 5 cm wide adhesive backed aluminum foil for the cavities (non-conductive adhesive). When the time came to finally shield my own Strat I bought a pickguard shield from you on eBay. Having in mind the mess and effort the whole process used to take, I postponed it until Christmas when I would have the time to actually do it. After I did it, I only have one thing to say: It's so much easier! I am really sorry that I didn't buy the adhesive foil too! I would have finished in seconds rather than minutes it took me and the hours it used to take me. Now my Strat is dead quiet, quieter than any I have shielded up to now! There is no better way for a beginner (like most of the guitarists, is there anyone making a living out of shielding guitars?) than a precut pickguard shield and adhesive copper foil that you can actually use your soldering iron on! Thank you very much for the Christmas present! Seasons greetings and happy new year! PS: I have my eye on a nice MIA Tele that I'll probably buy within the following month and I'll get the chance to use all the shielding solutions you have on a Tele too.

Lambros Panagis

Hi T-Von! I just finished wiring and shielding a new guitar that I built using your Silver Shielded Wire and Copper. The Copper you provide is very thick, not like the ultra-thin copper foil you get from the hobby shops and other places on the net. Thick, but easy to manage. The feeling of quality is there. When you shield your guitar with your copper, you feel it will last a thousand years. Plus, you can solder a ground wire to it without being anxious about burning the wood under it. Your silver wire is a delight to work with. It's obvious it's high quality coaxial wire, with a full silver inner wire already braided and a full silver shielded braid around it. Easy to use, and easy to solder. The wires literally absorb the solder. And the jacket around the wire resists the temperature of the soldering iron without melting. All the hot wires have been shielded with it inside my guitar. The result: I finished the guitar and plugged it in and I have not a hum. I mean, I really have no hum! I can now hear the breath of my amp like never before, but with no hum! I tried turning the guitar in all directions, I switched my TV on, but still no noise at all. It's a SSH model with 2 single coils too! Great!! I really recommend your products, and want to thank you for providing them.

Antoine Carolus,
Paris, France

I received the Tele copper shield. Thanks for the super fast shipping. I installed it today and it completely eliminated the snap-crackle-pop that I was getting because of my unshielded pickguard. GREAT PRODUCT.. One thing that I did differently: instead of running a ground wire from the pickguard screw and soldering it to a pot per your instruction sheet, I just cut a piece of plain copper ground wire about an inch long. Then I loosened the end of the control plate closest to the pickguard and slid the wire about 1/2 inch under it and retightened the screw. Then the other 1/2 inch of wire went under the pickguard and made good contact with the copper sheet when I tightened down the pickguard screws. Works fine.

Bobby Chandler

Hello Monte, I finally finished shielding my guitar. Used copper on the main cavity, on the pickguard cavities, the lead routes, and of course the pickguard. Plus used the star ground. Wow. Silent guitar. At first I thought it wasn't working since before I put the pickguard back in, I plugged the guitar cord into the jack, just to make sure everything was working before putting the pickguard into the guitar. I didn't hear anything, and thought "oh no, I have a short." But no, I simply didn't hear any static or buzzing. Quite amazing. Thanks again, Cheers!

Richard Boubelik

Hi Monte, I received the copper shields for my Teles and my buddy's Strat. I got them about a week ago but didn't install them til yesterday. The guitars play much quieter and no more static from finger to pickguard contact. These shields are a very inexpensive and easy way to make a big improvement in the sound of your expensive guitar. I have a 72' Tele and a '52 Reissue and there is a big difference especially with the '72. My friend's '56 NOS Strat is now a very quiet guitar. Many Thanks.

Grant Ruffle

Monte, I bought and installed your pickguard shield and copper shielding material for my Warmoth fretless Strat project. This was my first time putting a guitar together. The guitar is absolutely free of hum. None whatsoever. I'm currently running Carvin Ap11 single coils and have it rigged so that I can have all three pickups on at once. Even in this position, no hum. This stuff is great. Thanks a bunch.

Andrew Call
Alfred Station, NY

I recently install Monte's copper guitar shield and silver guitar wire with amazing results! I now have a much quieter guitar with more clarity, less noise and more present harmonics. I search the web everyday trying to find new ways to improve my guitar tone and running across Monte's site was a great find. I'm a professional guitarist and I've tried just about everything out there. So take my word for it, try the copper guitar shield, and silver guitar won't be sorry.

Peace and Blessings
Dani Robyns

Hi Monte, having used your shielding in the past on 2 other Strats I can honestly say that it is excellent, I have used it in conjunction with Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups and the results are outstanding. You can quote this in your testimonials. All the best from England.

Gary Haigh

Hey Monte! I purchased a copper sheet and silver wire from Monte for my Jazzmaster.. what a difference it has made! The humbuckers I put in now sound spectacular, even with the single-coils tapped. The clarity is where it should be. The guitar sounds better than ever! I had to rewire it after my first try, since I didn't leave one end of the silver wire shielding unconnected (using it for the ground wire). Later, I made sure that the silver wire's shield was only soldered to one side, and the circuit ground was then star-grounded with insulated wire. Do this to every one of your guitars, even if it's only for the electronics/pickup cavities. Your ears will thank you!

Peter Urso
Los Angeles, CA.

Monte, shield arrived in good order, fitted today - and the difference is remarkable - no discernible noise (I have tried TV remotes, dimmer switches, PC's etc - just for fun!).

Jon Isaacs
United Kingdom

Got it, finished, works great! Made a Tokai Strat a work of art. SD Custom 5 HB in the bridge, and a pair of 57/62 Fender reissues. I wired it like a JV Strat with tone control in the bridge. Lots of nice tones! Thanks for the help, I'll be posting about my success with your product! Take care, until the next project!

Joe Janasov
Duluth, GA

This is my 2nd order from you. I shielded a jazz bass using your foil and shielding paint and it is approx. 75% quieter. I'm still trying to nail that other 25%. I will be happy to provide a testimonial. Any suggestions on the other 25% would be appreciated.

Andrew Rothstein
Woodbridge, NJ

Thanks Monty These are the best thing since Sliced Bread! Heck maybe even better than the wheel.

Peter Siekierski
Staten Island, NY

Shield received and installed and sounds incredible!!!! 10 times more shielding properties of the standard aluminum fare. I had my pickup cavities already copper shielded, and now this totally cancels out any noticeable interference. Glowing feedback has been posted. It has surely been a pleasure. Will see you around eBay. Thanks again.

Michael McWeeney
Spring Valley, NY

Received the shield I ordered just before leaving for Daytona, (I work the race there). Took the guitar with me and did all the work in my motel room at night. When I got home, I plugged in and was amazed at the sound I got. I have worked on many guitars of various makes and models and your product sure simplified things.You can expect to hear from me the next time
someone brings me a problem guitar.

Michael Morris

Hi Monte, I installed the Tele shield this weekend and I am delighted to report it totally eliminated the scratchy sounds I was picking up from the pickguard. I just ordered a Shield for my Strat based on the improvement your shield did for my Tele. Someday, when I have the time, I'll be sure to check out your Shielded Wiring. Thanks for Sharing!!

Mark Cooper
Ann Arbor, MI

I am very impressed with Monte's copper shields. I recently installed one in my main studio guitar, and I will be recording the rest of my guitar tracks for Zyllion's debut CD using it. It makes quite a difference.

John Pollard
Providence, RI

Hi Monte,

Yes, I received your shield and finally got to install it as directed on my '62 Tele this past weekend. It made a world of difference!! My noisy old axe is now very quiet. The only noise to be heard is the noise the I'm makin' with it :^) Thanks for a great product!

Jim Gosselin
Des Moines, IA

Hi Monte,

The shields came yesterday and in 15 minutes I installed the first one in my '83 Tele (Strat Shield looks like it will take a lot longer to install). The static noise problem I had is completely gone! Thanks very much!

Forrest Trenholm
Weymouth, MA

Monte, just installed your Strat shield in my favorite Strat. I was having a problem with static noise when my fingers would scrape across the pickguard. But no more! Your shield allowed me to properly ground the pickguard and the attached components, and now there's no more noise! Thanks!!!

Peter M. Jagielski

Just tried out my strat after swapping in Tex-Mex pickups, a better switch, quality pots and one of your copper-shielded pickguards. I also completely shielded the pickup cavities and jack cavity with some scraps I purchased at your site. Got some self-adhesive copper tape at a stained glass supply shop and that worked really great for shielding the cavity sides. Man, this guitar is so quiet now that I can hardly believe it! What an improvement: buzz and hum are history! Definitely worth doing, Thanks.

John Redell

I just put a Strat Shield on a new pickguard that I put on a Reissue 57 Strat. The tone stayed great and the output is Hotter. It Rocks...and looks pretty cool with the updated pickguard .

Bob Smith

I received and installed the pickguard I purchased from you last week. If you recall, I also obtained the copper shielding, which made a huge difference in reducing (almost eliminating) noise.

Verle Winningham

Hello, I got the shield yesterday in good condition. It'll be a few weeks before I put it in, but I'll let you know how it worked. I bought one of your alum. shields a few months back. Anyway, I used it with some Lindy Fralin blues specs. and I hear no hums. So, I expect the same with this one. Thanks for the quick shipment. Left positive feedback.

Clark Sudduth
Bay Minette, AL

Monte, I installed the shield last night (fairly easy). Wow, what a difference! The shield really works! Only way my Strat clone could be quieter is putting in a set of blade type pickups like Bardens. And we know how expensive those are plus not the same tone.

Thanks a bunch,
Joy Rathnam

T-Von, I used one on my Son's Tele before, and it did help. Your shield fit on just fine. I soldered a Ground wire braid to it and attached it to the Main ground of the Tele. I am now doing another Tele for one of my Son's friends. Like I said, "it definitely made a difference"!! I like the thickness of the shield. It is just right.

Philip DiEgidio
Glen Moore, PA